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Around the NFL: News and Rumors


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How did Flacco win the starting job for the Jets at the beginning of the szn when Wilson hurt his knee, but Mike White starting now?

Was White also hurt in the beginning?

Dom McRaven

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@OURavensFan , if the Chiefs lose, you can thank Justin Reid for this shit...




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The Titans have fired General Manager Jon Robinson. Mike Vrabel is expected to have more power within the Titans organization.



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Bucs waive WR Jaelon Darden from the active roster, released T Dylan Cook, and CB Ryan Smith from the practice squad. Yikes!
They are going to go in full rebuild in the next couple years when Brady leaves as a Free Agent in 2023. Brady will probably still play but for someone else. Would be nice to get Mike Evans from them and save him from their rebuild in the next few years.