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Week 15 New York Jets @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. 8:20 pm ET @ M&T Bank

    Gameday thread a bit earlier this week but it's already only 48 hours until kickoff.

    Another blackout at the Bank on primetime this time on Thursday Night against the Jets. Some injury problems this week. Lamar and Andrews limited in practice and Ronnie Stanley probably stuck in concussion protocol for the game.

    Thursdays are a real worry in terms of health and recovery but hopefully we can get out of this one with a win and no injuries before enjoying the long week before the 2 division games to finish the season.

    @allblackraven over to you
  2. I never would've guessed you were so cultured AllBlack
  3. I always liked classical music.
    And punk.
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  4. currently a battle between the beat guys and local reporters about the best uniform combination - jamison and luke jones championing black with purple bottoms - zrebiec and cole jackson calling those two "sick" and that it's clearly black on black that's best
  5. Zrebiec and Jackson get a chocolate fish
    Hensley and Jones straight to dungeon
  7. And Rufus is ready for his 7th Ravens game!!
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  8. My take..... purple pants are goofy looking. Black on black is cool. Black jersey white pants is the best.
  9. Let's do this!
  10. Stock up on your liquor, get some throat lozenges and some baby aspirins (just in case) and let's get ready to rumble! The Lamar Jackson extravaganza is just a few hours away! Let's go!
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  11. Yes I get to see the wonderful weekly Rufus pic before I have to go out for a bit. Was afraid I would miss it. Thanks for posting it so early.
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  12. you just post these for likes. Admit it!
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  13. Extremely superstitious lol
  14. Quite telling that Ben Powers is still inactive

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  15. Ahhh man notification said Stanley inactive. I hope we jump out to a quick lead and sit Jackson then. No Stanley is too risky.
  16. Nice
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  17. Funny how they rarely talk about old Baltimore football history when the Ravens play - but are sure to bring it up when we play the Jets lol.
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  18. Offense should have a big game tonight.... let's score early and often. Keep the gas pedal down for 60 minutes.

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