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Week 16 Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Marlon gonna block you for that one
  2. lol haha gg
  3. Never ever want a prima dona like Beckham anywhere near this team.
  4. Ingram was holding his calf, looked muscular.
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  5. Good on you Mayfield!
  6. Ricard mashing the edge
  7. That push on Edwards by Yanda hahaha. Edwards nearly flew to the endzone.
  8. lol..did anyone see yanda shove edwards for extra gain?
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  9. Really Browns? Calling TO’s now?
  10. I thought he stepped funny and tweaked his calf or something. We'll see what the medical staff says though.

    Ngl, not benching Lamar for this drive is scaring me more than it should.
  11. Yup lol. Yanda is so awesome to watch
  12. Why the fuck is Lamar running it?
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  13. 100 yards for Lamar. Now stop running Lamar
  14. 100 yards again for LJ
  15. Titans just fumbled
  16. Now that he’s got 100 stop running him
  17. As long as the Titans win over Houston next week, they are in as the 6th seed with a win over Houston regardless of Pittsburgh winning or losing.
  18. Next week sit;
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  19. Still hold 6th seed regardless after Pit loss
  20. Got to put in RGIII to perserve the 100. Kneel downs will take yards away.

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