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2020 ILB Draft Thread

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by Charm City, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. I think we can all agree that this is one of the biggest needs for next year, and unlike other positions of need (WR, OLB, Safety, IOL, etc) we have ZERO young players that might make the leap next year. We thought Peanut might have been that person this year but he definitely is not even starting material on a championship-caliber team like we are. With that being said, the player that I am on the lookout for this offseason is:


    Evan Weaver, ILB, Cal

    He plays with a very high motor, works hard to get through blocks when lineman progress to his level, and does not stop running towards the ball until the play is dead, which was something we lacked in the game against Tennessee. His tackling radius and ability are both pluses, evidenced by his nation-leading 103 solo tackles this year.

    His one downside is coverage, where he tends to be flat-footed at times and looks at the QB rather than any receivers that may be coming into or going out of his designated zone. Because we run dime mostly, I assume that deficiency will be mitigated by the extra safety that will be on the field during obvious passing downs.

    I would give him a low third to fourth round grade based on his abilities and what I think coaches are looking for in a modern ILB. If he is available in the 4th round, I would pick him up asap.
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  2. I like Weavers play strength and size but that lack of speed is going to hurt him. Him and Dante Olsen are similar.

    Im a fan of Jacob Phillips and Logan Wilson, theyre pretty similar and are both worth a higher draft grade imo. Patient, competent against the run and pass and no glaring flaws. Wilson is also a lot taller than 6'2"

    Shaq Quarterman is fun to watch as well, I LOVE his reaction and play speed, he really stands out. I dont know how well his over aggressiveness translates to the pros though.
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  3. You all need to watch Malik Harrison from ohio state. I watched a couple of their games and he just jumped out at me. Dude was all over the field. I highly doubt he'll drop outside the top 20 but he would change our defense
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  4. obviously its unrealistic to expect him to fall to us but kenneth murray constantly looks like he's playing at a different speed to everyone else - was trying to watch gallimore film and murray would just pop off the screen at times
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  5. Malik Harrison I like everything except his coverage, he has the speed to cover he just gets burned in man and seems confused in zone. Amazing blitzer, nice burst, reaction speed and I like that hes physical. Looks more 220 than 240 but thats not really an issue.
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  6. He would change things dramatically. Its borderline impossible to expect him at 28 but I wonder if we would make a move if he got to 20
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  7. A little off topic but I was talking to a Jags fan the other day about Myles Jack and he said Jack is a bust. Great in man coverage but completely clueless as to whats happening on the field.
  8. and he had a horrendous year this year. His only good season was two years ago when the Jags had a great defense.
  9. I was so jealous of their 2016 draft. Not anymore
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  10. Chris Orr (Wisconsin iLB and Zach orr’s Little brother) is in this year’s draft. Anyone paid attention to him. Be kind of a cool story if he get drafted here in the later rounds.
  11. ironically i came across him by accident while watching tape of zack baun - havent done a full set of tape on him but he flashed on that tape when i was supposed to be watching a different player - flashed enough and consistently enough that i had to note him down on my positional board to review him at another point

    would definitely be interesting given that zach orr still works for the ravens (currently as a coaching analyst in the analytics department)
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  12. Is Zachs neck problem hereditary? could his brother have it as well?
  13. from what i can gather it isnt but im sure teams will check - im sure his brother has already had it checked too
  14. Gosh,
    I think I bought the Kenneth Murray hype without really watching whole cutups. He might be the best ILB in the draft ( not a very good class), but I have been pretty disappointed watching him. Out of position, not taking on/shedding blocks an odd habit of wrapping high.
  15. He definitely has issues with wrapping high. I like his instincts and coverage but he does make me worry about the run. He has the speed to move sideline to sideline but you do worry if he can contain and tackle at the next level. I still like him a lot but he isn’t without his warts. I’d prefer a WR over him tbh but he’s still a nice pick at this time. I need to watch more of him admittedly. I’ve only seen two games.
  16. Quarterman is trash. He’s a slower Kenny young. His eye discipline is absolutely horrible, every first step is downhill, he can’t see play fakes, he can’t anticipate, he can’t see screens developing, he is thoroughly horrible. And I was really disapppinted because I loved what I saw from him last year
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  17. He also takes poor angles quite often, and with his high pads he will get washed in pursuit often and when he has to tackle a TE short of the sticks he will get dragged every time in the nfl. I cringe at the though of Murray meeting Travis kelce in the playoffs 5 times on third and long, watching him engage short of the sticks and get carried every time. It’s gonna be a problem for him.
  18. Yeah he reminds me a bit of Kevin Reddick, it took a while to remember his name but I fell in love with his highlights then he went back for his final season and tumbled down the draft boards.
    Overall its not a great class, although I read Isaiah Simmons declared so that likely pushes everyone else down one spot which is good I guess.

    Out of the guys that I consider draftable with some cover potential theyre either lacking in processing speed or reaction speed. With the depth at other positions maybe none of these guys is our BPA.
  19. really nice breakdown @Edgar on kenneth murray (i hope you dont mind me posting it here)

  20. Do you guys think Isaiah Simmons is going to be a safety or a LB in the NFL?

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