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2020 RB Draft Thread

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by RavensMania, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. good breakdown from Matt Waldman on Swift..

  2. Cam Akers is a difficult grade because of the OL (and coaching) at florida state - he frequently has to make something out of absolutely nothing and has to deal with players in the backfield that kill the play dead and has to adjust quickly - it makes it clear that he's pretty good at processing where the lane is etc. etc. and he's got the physical ability to make special plays

    but its a double-edged sword because it means that sometimes he tries to bounce the play unnecessarily to the outside almost expecting the OL to get it wrong

    he has some ball control issues but they seem to be when he's finishing plays so that might be a coaching issue (florida state coaching in general seems to have been a mess for a few seasons now)

    inconsistent in pass pro but when he gets it right he's great

    not a fluent catcher of the ball in the passing game yet - dont think he's had much practice

    super high ceiling player but not a high floor
  3. I absolutely love Clyde Edwards-Helaire - has elite footwork, elite lateral movement, runs actual routes as a receiver in the passing game with good hands

    only 2 negatives:
    - pass protection - has good body position when he does it but he doesnt do it a lot because he's primarily a receiver in the passing game or part of play-action and not being asked to do it
    - long speed - he's not necessarily a threat to take his runs the distance but given everything else id say that's not a major issue - he's not lacking for burst or quick twitch
  4. Big fan of his too, he’s a deadly receiving back and was perfect for LSUs offense, but it raises a question that I think actually makes him even more intriguing, they ran so infrequently that you have no idea what he can do with a hot hand in the run game, and there’s no easier way to get him that hot hand then the read option with Lamar. He could be so much better than we’ve seen.
  5. it says a lot that in that team and that offence he was voted team MVP
    Joe Burrow also said CEH was the best athlete on their entire team

    he might not be someone who explodes for a 70 yd td but i fully expect him if in a good situation to be high up the rankings in terms of most "explosive" (20+ yd) runs
  6. fair play to Cam Akers - im still seeing most of his OL spending most of their time on the floor and frequently the only pass blocker upright and fighting is cam akers - that's an abomination of a team:

    this image sums up that:


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  7. D'andre Swift best pass protector of the top backs
  8. Well its safe to say we shouldn't be drafting any FSU linemen lol.
  9. i already complained so much about the FSU OL guys lol in the EDGE thread because it was making it basically impossible to evaluate Trevon Hill who was playing against them
  10. I have a nagging feeling that cam Akers is gonna be the best back of this class and is gonna be an absolute star... but I don’t wanna draft him lol
  11. i pretty much completely agree - ive got him as RB 3 right now - ive seen him in a lot of top 5s which is cool but he is most definitely a projection because of the situation he was in in college and a much less safe pick than many of the others around him
  12. After a quick look, Zack moss is a guy much more deserving of hype. Reminds me a lot of Alvin kamara.
  13. Yeah I completely whiffed in Zack moss on my first tape go round - he’s not as elusive or as good in space as kamara but he’s so physical between the tackles
  14. Yeah from what I’ve seen that’s accurate, he’s got an excellent one cut and burst out of the backfield; and his vision and patience seem excellent as you just constantly see him working his way slowly to the most developed gap possible and then boom he hits the burners, and once that happens good luck, because he’s got some really solid top end speed and has some great size, power, and especially balance
  15. I
    I have a massive draft crush on Cam Akers, I would be ecstatic if we managed to snag him in the third round (even though we have other needs and he is a luxury pick, I sense superstar). Can’t help thinking how helpful it would’ve been to have a healthy Mark Ingram in the playoffs, and he is 30+ years old. Don’t pass on the young superstar

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