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2020 Baltimore Orioles

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by JO_75, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    It's almost that time of the year again, time for our other bird team to take flight in year two of the rebuild under Mike Elias.

    Spring Training is under way and the Orioles have a nice surprise this Spring Training... Crush Davis has returned to the team after a strange disappearance. Davis is 5 for 6 with 3 HR and 4 walks, and has reached base 9 of 11 times he's been at bat. The O's have won 5 straight including three games in a row where they have scored double digit runs.

    I anticipate another down year but with more progression and wins from last season but hopefully we'll start to see things come together and perhaps this team will be ready to compete soon.
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  2. Looking forward to Mountcastle and Hays. Mountcastle and some of the AAA pitchers should start debuting later in the summer.

    It'll be cool if the rebuild lines up where Adley is leading the O's to the World Series and Lamar is leading the Ravens to the Super Bowl around the same time.
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  3. Maybe Crush can hit 60 this year plus maybe some teams might want to trade.
  4. Just give the fans something fun to make games worth it. Glad Chris Davis is doing well as a fan and as a person.
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  5. I'm very hopeful for Chris to turn things around. Looking forward to watching the young players.
  6. Wow, colon cancer....I just put Trey on my prayer list! May God bless him!
  7. 2020-ish Orioles
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  9. 60 game season, let's hope Chris Davis can continue his momentum he was building during spring training and carry it into the regular season. It be something if the O's can pull something off in a shortened season.
  10. Orioles 60 Game Schedule:

  11. Orioles begin their season in Boston tonight, with Tommy Milone the opening day starter for the O's while Nathan Eovaldi is the Red Sox opening day starter tonight.
  12. Orioles win the series against the Red Sox 2-1 but their games against the Marlins have been canceled. 14 coaches and players of the Marlins tested positive for COVID19.

    Yeah I wonder now if even 60 games is even going to happen.
  13. It's August and the Orioles are ABOVE .500 and in SECOND PLACE! O's going for the series sweep against the Rays tomorrow. If MLB would like to cancel the season now, that would be great.

  14. I'm really loving Hanser Alberto
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  15. And I'm loving me some Santander too.
  16. First sweep since end of August 2018 and first against the Rays since 2012.
  17. Been watching a lot of orioles baseball lately. They're making baseball enjoyable for me again. They play as a team and have been really focusing on the fundamentals of the game. Really like what Brandon Hyde is doing with this team. Hope it lasts! Let's go O's!!!

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