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Welcome to Baltimore: Calais Campbell and Derek Wolfe

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Sexy big men creating a forcefield to keep linebackers and dbs free - blockers arent going to get within 10 feet of any of our 2nd level defenders at this rate.

    Coach Evans has done a vid on Campbell already:

    and our own @Edgar has already managed to do 2 vids and the league year's technically not even begun yet...

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  2. Two excellent pickups. Our run defense looks stout once again on paper WITH the ability to get to the passer. We have over 900 pounds between Calais, Brockers and Williams, not to mention how long they are. Keep in mind this is all before the draft. I’m so excited
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  3. Now we just need that stud IL to complete the rebuild of our front 7.
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  4. You KNOW Wink is shedding tears of joy at the possibility of having a "complete" defense. My, the fun he will have with different blitz packages.
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  5. I really like the brockers add. He dictates where the line of scrimmage will be on any given down, like he just turns blockers where he sees best fit, I think it’s gonna be a great add for this defense specifically for the way he can manipulate blockers to create openings, he may not be a pass rusher but he can open holes for blitzers, I think he’s gonna prove very valuable for us, I expect to see a lot of stunts going off of one of his shoulders as he creates gaps to shoot
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  7. I went to a Rams forum to see the reaction to Brockers, as I don't know much about players on other teams. I expected the usual sour grapes type of response, calling him old, washed up, etc. Instead, I was surprised to find post after post talking about what a great person he is. I'd never seen such uniform praise regarding character before, at least not regarding a departing player.

    We flew to LA for the MNF game there. Brockers looked like a man playing among kids. He is huge.
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  8. Would you say the home crowd was 50/50?
  9. At least 30%, maybe 40, but not 50%. I felt bad for LA football fans. They probably never have a crowd that approaches a true home crowd. On the lower part of the visitors side of the field, where we were, it was probably 90% Ravens fans. Loud chants of "MVP!" whenever Lamar would do something, which was frequent in that game. That chant switched to "RG3!" when he came in during the 4th quarter. It was absurdly fun.
  10. Interesting. I actually don't feel bad for LA football fans because I never thought LA was a football town. That's Laker town right there, but I did see a good amount of purple in the crowd from what I saw on TV.

    But back to this topic, I don't know much about the Rams but I knew he played a role when they had a nice front-4 years ago.
  11. Welcome to the Flock Calais Campbell and Michael Brockers
  12. F it. Just draft Willie gay and Troy dye at 55 and 60 and call it a day. Let them fly around while the big men clear the way.
  13. haha - who needs edge rushers anyway
  14. You might be joking but I like it. All this would be great for run stoppage and interior pass pressure. I really like Baun in the 1st cuz he can be an ultimate chess piece. Line up as a base ILB but also can be used on the edge. Pretty consistent as a run defender and above avg in pass coverage. Have to learn more about Gay but Dye I also see in Baun's mold except for maybe pass coverage which I'm not sure of. Hybrid players that can play in and out? Well why not.

    Having BWill and Ellis rotating at the nose and Campbell and Brockers eating up blocks while providing better passrush than we had will free up ILB's to make plays. F it!! Do it!!
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  15. I like Dye at 55 or 60. Not sold on Gay. Maybe a later round pick.
  16. Edit the title to say "Welcome to Bmore Campbell and maybe Brockers?" What a mess smh
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  17. Now edit it to just welcome Campbell lol... FOL
  18. Backed out of brockers signing. What the hell
  19. Clearly the medical had real problems in it that showed up

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