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Preseason 2 Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. Thursday, 08/17/17, 7:00 PM ET - Hard Rock Stadium
    Radio: 98 Rock | WBAL 1090AM

    Ravens Jersey Color: TBD
    #1 supertolerator, Aug 13, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
  2. So given that I posted it in the last thread. I'm gonna do it again. You see, we won the last time I posted a Nickelback song, and even though they're terrible, they're so bad that they bounce the bad luck off of us for games.

    Let's try this out to see if it works.

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  3. I'd love to find out how much some of those people got paid to feature in that shocker of a music video.
  4. Hopefully we can tear apart the middle of their defence again - it was so fun to watch our receivers consistently open over the middle vs Miami last season - although I would like to see a few more runs than that game
  5. Anybody have an idea of who is likely to start this game? Will it be similar personnel to the Redskins game or will it be changed up a bit?
  6. Typically the second game starter situation is very similar to the first, although it wouldn't be insane to see them play one or two more drives or not at all. I wouldn't expect the old stars to play at all this game, as in the first game they just wanted to dress up and get out there. Expect guys like Boyle, Maxx, Hurst, young d linemen, to all stay in for a while.
  7. Looking forward to taking the phins apart piece by piece.
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  8. And Marlon Humphrey makes his debut. Great opportunity for him to make some plays against Cutler.
  9. That'll be a fun qb to start your career against - he'll probably get tested deep a couple times too if he plays with the starters
  10. I am probably going to miss this one.
    I doubt it will be televised in the Cape Cod area.
  11. It's almost like a pattern. For the past few years, we start off the preseason with our home opener. Either the team as a whole or one of our units look impressive at that time. The next game, which always seem to be a road game, tends to be a letdown in some way. Will this pattern continue??
  12. I'm predicting Malett completes a pass to Cutler and Cutler completes a pass to Malett.
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  13. they'd have to be hackenberg type throws at reporters
  14. You underestimate the power of the dark QBs.
  15. I find his lack of faith... disturbing.
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  16. You were supposed to save the Jets Christian! Not destroy them!
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  17. I'm dying up here lmao
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  18. If you watched the gif I posted of Kaep yesterday, he had an errant throw like Hack did that hit people on the sideline.
  19. For christs sake... I guess I'll accept it if it works.
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