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Preaseason 3 Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Aug 23, 2017.

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  1. mizzell also might be running onto the backend of the 53
  2. Mizzell. That should be 2 undrafted free agents guaranteed a spot on our team
  3. In some respects, Woodrum reminds me of Favre.

    "Jesus Christ I can't believe he fumb -- Touchdown!!!"
  4. Offense real bad includung Woodrum against 1s.

    Defensive line is insane.
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  5. This UDFA class is legit
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  6. LMAO I'm done
  7. Defense has been dominant, the offense has struggled mightily and too many penalties.
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  8. The top of the draft all looks like it will be getting a lot of playing time as well. Overall a great 2017 class to follow up an amazing 2016 class.
  9. Yes Bowser yes
  10. offense has been woeful - woodrum was given some 1st team drives and looked awful but wasnt helped by poor oline play
    defense looks like everything we might hope for - only important note is that correa and onwuasor swapped every series with the 1s and ngl onwuasor looked better
    jimmy left with an injury but its not a leg injury and doesnt seem to major
    justin tucker went into concussion protocol after making a tackle on a kick off return but passed it
  11. Hill is our starting nickel, book it
  12. Also zuttah might not make the 53, he's lost it. Can't even snap the damn ball against backups
  13. He has earned it.
  14. Great recap.
  15. Can we not do to Hill what happened to Woodrum? Beating up on scrubs only says you are better than people who aren't good enough, it doesn't make you starting material.
  16. did he get any guaranteed money?
  17. difference is that he's played with and against the 1s at times and still been solid when tested
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  18. With a healthy starting 5 I think joe will have plenty of time to throw, but I think we're looking at another season of joe being top 5 in attempts.

    Either way though, I think we're better at pass pro AND run blocking this year, even if the run blocking is only slightly better.
  19. Almost a pick six for Peanut, he needs to make that catch.
  20. Hill would have had another interception
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