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Preaseason 3 Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Aug 23, 2017.

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  1. and breshad as well
  2. This teams O will be bottom 5 with or without flacco.
    Unless a trade is made to UPGRADE the O line not just bolster its depth, that will not change.
  3. And Marlon
  4. Pretty amazing the offense has gotten more yards than Buffalo. Just coming up short at the worst times.
  5. Pass protection actually shouldn't be the big issue with the oline. However the lack of run blocking really doesn't inspire any confidence. I've noticed that for awhile now. Howard needs to get back into football shape. We are desperate for Stanley to come back.

    We need an upgrade soon. Ozzie has seriously lost points in my book for his lack of attention to the oline.
  6. I'm expecting about a 2-3 week curve before we see what the offense is really like. OL hasn't played yet together, Flacco out and Woodhead out. First quarter of the season will probably look something similar to pre Harbaugh Ravens ball, if the defense carries this into to the season.
  7. He'll lament lewis but i don't think he's that good of a player TBH.
  8. Any word on why Maxx Williams didn't dress?
  9. The Bills offense isn't really doing much of anything either so outgaining them doesn't say much.

    I'm so disappointed that we didn't get to see much of Woodrum against a starting defense.
  10. A few things

    1- with each passing week, correa is looking like a future bust
    2- Same great D line

    Ideally two things need to be done

    1- an upgrade at ILB ( this would make the D.....perfect)
    2- an upgrade at LG
  11. Don't know. I still think his spot was safe(if Harbaugh decides to let him go after what he did last week, I will lose my fucking mind). But he practiced all week. Perriman was warming up so that's also a good sign.
  12. Patrick ricard looks like the best run blocker on our roster
  13. depressing stat but that short pass to donnell was the first reception by a tight end all game
  14. Buffalo keeping a lot of starters out there lol
  15. I want a Jaylen Hill pick 6 right here
  16. He's good enough as a defensive lineman alone from what I've seen.
  17. I feel like Maxx Williams is injured as often as Campanero.
  18. I like how our D is blocking passes.
  19. Wouldn't make too much sense. He was warming up with the team via this tweet.
    Maybe they're trying to protect him from potential injury or something? Digging deeper into the internet and someone said that it was a possibility.

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