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Baltimore Ravens @ New Orleans Saints

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Aug 27, 2017.

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  1. Thursday, 08/31/17, 8:00 PM ET - Mercedes-Benz Superdome
    Radio: 98 Rock | WBAL 1090AM

    Ravens Jersey Color: TBD

  3. Ahhh New Orleans... Good times, Good times.


    The Saints have a terrible defense right? So our offense can look better than it actually is?
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  4. unfortunately the saints defence has looked juicy at times this preseason...
  5. Is It bad for us if they're juicy?
  6. who knows but they are showing real promise for the first time in a long time - saints are a team that isnt buzzworthy but might be a real threat in the NFC if this defence is even just average...
  7. This should be an interesting game then.
  8. it would be if it wasnt going to be just a game of depth players
  9. game 4 is always my favorite pre season game.

    It is always so wide open. Players fighting for their careers and their livelihood. Most flatout leave it out of the field, it is some of the most passionate football you can watch.
  10. So since a nickleback music video= new pool picture. What happens when I run out of nickelback songs to use?
  11. You switch to one hit wonders of the 80's.
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  12. Surely there's at least 21 songs left? Then you can do something different next year...
  13. But some of those are actually good
    we have at least 6 albums worth of material.
  14. That's the next half a decade of voodoo sorted out then
  15. Avril Lavigne.
  16. Oooh- I second this one lol
  17. Adam Schefter reports the NFL is discussing cancelling the game due to Harvey.
  18. Game not cancelled per rappoport
  19. Wouldn't bother me at all, that means we can escape injuey free. Though since its preseason, why not play in Baltimore?
  20. The Orioles are home tomorrow, so that might be a problem.
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