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Article 29BmoreBird22's Gameday Wrap Up: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals


Practice Squad
Yes, the throw from Joe was a shitty throw, but it was still a catchable ball. Blame goes 50-50 for me. West had to jump up for a ball thrown behind him, and it was thrown from just 10 yards away. Tough ball to react to, but if it hits you, you catch it.

Yes, this I can agree with. It was a badly placed ball but still catchable and Not only did West not catch it but he let it go through his hands and about the unluckiest way possible which allowed it to be picked off. Nine out of 10 times a pass of that nature is thrown I don't believe it results in an interception, and that's kind of how I evaluate things. Like with interceptions, the amount of blame I put on the quarterback for interception , I think to myself if that play was run 10 times and that throw was made it 10 times how many times with that play result in a completion, An incompletion, or an interception? To me, half the time that ball is going to be just flat out dropped, four out of 10 times it'll be caught and one out of 10 times it can result in the kind of unlucky interception that we saw.

Now here's an opinion I had a few years ago that was unpopular-the interception in the 2014 playoff game against the New England Patriots, I actually put about 70 to 80% of the blame of that play on Joe, because to me that throw is a high percentage interception end resulting play. And on top of that there was so much time on the clock it was unnecessary to push the ball down the field so aggressively. Yes, Tori Smith could have fought for the ball more but it was still double coverage

But I was called a Flacco hater for this comment, and now being accused of being part of the Flacco can do no wrong camp. Pretty funny
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