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Week 3 Baltimore Ravens @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by purplepittabread88, Sep 23, 2017.

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  1. The little giants would have put up more of a fight.
  2. I don't think we've surrounded him with that great of talent, but with that contract you would expect him to step up and he hasn't really done that.
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  3. Not today but y'all wanted to laugh when I said I wasn't yet buying the "dominant" D train ticket. And you are making excuses for them. You will notice I am not making excuses for the offense. The only difference between the two today is that we reloaded the defense and ignored the offense so for the defense to completely fail is totally inexcusable.
  4. Welp. Go Bears
  5. If I'm Mike Wallace I would be furious after today. He was beating CBs all day long and no one could hit him in stride.
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  6. I have made no excuses. I just put things into context.
  7. 410 Yards allowed...That's not what you would expect from this team.
  8. if nothing happens with this team in trade or firings in the next few days you'll know the true intent of this team

    or they are just flat our delusional and taking into account who our HC is, that is possible.
  9. Finally it's over.
  10. Another wasted off season giving the defense the love and keeping Pees.
  11. well givin him the money was one thing takin away his weapons somethin else. but extendin him after he showed he was not a top qb was the misstake
  12. This defense has to do some soul searching after today. You didn't lose, you got beat down. That was a truly embarrassing game, especially considering how many people made the flight to London for this. I would imagine that there's going to be a lot of players upset after today.

  13. thats how i felt..
    the extension made me sick
  14. I started Ravens D and Gurley. At least Gurley showed up for me. Ravens D got me -4.
  15. Over reaction and there's no one left to sign since we probably already have them on IR... Just go forward and see what you have in the young guys. I will repeat... WHAT THE HELL WERE PEOPLES EXPECTATIONS THIS YEAR? I said 8-8 with improvements being mad to the O in the upcoming off season. It is what it is. Two wins against bad teams got people hype and most hopes raised.
  16. Just tuned in what in the world happened????
  17. We lost. Jags were the better team
  18. The thing is though is that Flacco was 28 at the time and after that type of playoff performance, there was a lot of people who believed that Flacco was going to become a transcendent QB and that it would be foolish of us not to keep him. No team made a legit offer for him because they knew we would be fools to let him go.
  19. I don't care if it's by a FG or 2-Points, if the Bears win today that would be huge for us.
  20. To falter you need to start... defense was trash but this offense would lose to top college teams.
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