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Week 3 Baltimore Ravens @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by purplepittabread88, Sep 23, 2017.

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  1. I think so, I believe that Biscotti said a while ago that he would love to do the London game and always wanted to see the Ravens there. I think that we were always interested but didn't want to do it, I think this year when the opportunity came we took it.
  2. I'm sad
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  3. "Our guys showed heart. We'll go back and get back to it. Something things we did bad, but some things we did well, too."
  4. Me too. :(

    I'll try not to let it affect me for the whole week.
  5. Ravens WRs legit had 15 Yards of offense, a lot of that falls on Joe's shoulders.
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  6. Harbaugh has been a punk to reporters lately when asked questions. I hope he shows the same anger today.
  7. Ugh, I hate this feeling. It reminded me of how I felt after the Raiders game from 2 seasons ago. It was a nasty dose of reality.
  8. We are lucky this only counts as one loss.
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  9. Normally I download loads of podcasts and listen to them throughout the week but I won't be able to bring myself to listen to any of them now

    And it's my first week off in months - what the hell am I gonna do to fill my time if I can't bare to think about football til sunday
  10. I hope Mike Wallace sounds off this week because the guy legit could have made big plays and no one could hit him in stride. He should be pissed after today.
  11. we been livin on the turnovas and today we died without them. we was undefeated against a couple teams with problems how the browns started a rookie qb took him out with a migrain and put him back in after it is why we won last. next week will say where we are
  12. I stopped watching the game when we went down by 10 points. It was an unmitigated disaster in every facet of the game. Shame on the Ravens for literally getting shut out by an average team. Shame on the players and shame on the coaches. I am ashamed that we put up such a shoddy display.
  13. Star Wars marathon?
  14. Sorry guys, my bad, I brought the jinx out. I never expected the jinx to carry over and crash the site though. That was some real pitiful shit today.

    Wonder how long it takes for someone to post: Tank The Season.
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  17. Ya think? Like there was a reason to keep him in at that point. lol
    A bunch of guys got play time in the 4th.
  18. IS john Harbaugh going to be given the marvin lewis post 2012 treatment? is he bascially going to be here for the next 10 years just because of what he achieved from 2008-2012?
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  19. lol....what were you watching? Even James Lofton pointed out the fact that he gave up on his route in the first quarter, which should have been a TD. Also obvious he rounded his route instead of the expected sharp break on the pick. And he stopped running on the throw from Mallet.
  20. LOL, a smart ass and a smart bum. :cool:
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