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Next Up: @ Eagles

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. Alshon and DeSean are out
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  2. Damn that is going to hurt them offensively. Just have to watch for Ertz even more, hopefully we blitz early to try to shake up Wentz and take advantage of the train wreck known as the Eagles offensive line.
  3. even bigger deal:

    they're missing lane johnson and pryor their starting guard...

    leaves them with this (i know pff grades arent everything)
  4. Honestly I don't think Philly is that good when healthy and their offense is currently ravaged with injuries. Our defense is gelling. I expect a low scoring affair from them 10 or less points. Their defense is solid enough. Really hope the offense can use this game to not necessarily click because I think we're too far way for one week to make things click, but to start us going in the right direction.

  5. something to monitor - pryor was out already for "illness" reasons so this could be precautionary but it would be nice to know one way or another
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  6. The Eagles DL worries me. Then again I was worried about Bengals and hype for the Chiefs...
  7. When I was watching them against SF, there was a stat showing they gave up either the most receiving yards or passing TDs (can't remember which one it was) to TEs. Hopefully Andrews is able to feast on this.
  8. They need to put ample pressure on the QB especially if we are able to stop the running game and force Wentz to throw into tight coverage. I want Lamar Jackson to start playing like he can and hope that he is fully healthy with his knee and groin.

  9. um fuck...
    we're gonna be down derek wolfe and brandon williams this sunday

    justin madubuike in game 2 is gonna have to play a ton
    means that justin ellis is also probably going to play a ton on early downs and broderick washington will likely be active also

    williams has been away from the ravens the last couple of days but the results of the next 5-14 days of testing is super important

    will be interesting to see if we elevate anyone from the practice squad and who we add to the 53

    i wonder if we bring up gilchrist to the 53 and then elevate aaron crawford (and then make a decision on whether we want to activate him tomorrow)
  10. but this is not ideal to be happening on saturday night

  11. holy shit we're potentially getting very lucky with the timing of this bye lol
  12. Hopefully this is all an isolated incident.

  13. here's the positive (if you'll pardon the pun) news

    unlikely there's any spread - B Will was excused from practices for personal reasons (or something) on friday and maybe thursday as well - the contact is most likely out of the building

    while brandon will have to miss this game, it would be unlikely for this to start an outbreak in the organisation especially with the bye coming up

    we've still got to beat the eagles first though
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  14. Hopefully our run defense doesn't decide to shit the bed with Williams out. Sanders is the Eagles' best player on offense so that would not be ideal.
  15. tbf if they run all over us then we've really failed as a defence - they've got a great Center in Jason Kelce but basically 4 backups playing with him, one of them starting his first NFL game

    it would be a spectacular failure if that OL paved a way for sanders to run all over us even with williams and wolfe out

    we wont be as dominant as we should be against the run but if we shit the bed then idk but maybe the front 7 walks home from philly
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  16. As long as we get out of this game healthy, it'll be a (moral) W.
  17. you all know what this means?


    hes gonna have a super healthy snap count and im expecting a statement from him, last week was super encouraging and i think hes gonna quickly demand eating into wolfe/bwills snap counts when they come back. i imagine he'll probably hit a wall at some point and im sure he'll have plenty of rookie moments, but i think were gonna be feeling very pleased with what we see outta him.
  18. From an inactives perspective i guess we're looking at...

    Anthony Levine, Derek Wolfe, Chris Moore, Trystan Colon-Castillo, Ben Bredeson, Trace McSorley

    we're potentially down a ton of special teams snaps if levine cant go and with alaka done for the year which is why they've elevated kristian welch from the PS - i wonder if they worry about those lost snaps enough to activate chris moore for the first time

    idk that he just walks back into his old gunner spot with how duvernay has played there and with how khalil dorsey's done there since he's been on the 53

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