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Week 6 Baltimore Ravens @ Philadelphia Eagles

Discussion in '2020 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. 1pm ET at Lincoln Financial Field

    Ian Eagle, Charles Davis and Evan Washburn with CBS's number 2 team for the second time this year after week 1 against the Browns.

    With Brandon Williams out because of Covid contact tracing quarantine and Derek Wolfe doubtful with concussion symptoms this is going to be a massive test of our young front 7.

    Madubuike, Justin Ellis and Broderick Washington are going to have to show up big time in replacement this week.
  2. will be interesting how our run defense will be today, considering how bad we do against the run when BWill isn't playing.

  3. fairly predictable set of inactives given the injury reports
  4. Omg he’s a TE already??

    tbh i thought he would be a lot better, I thought he looked like he had real pro potential
  5. Queen getting some love from Nate and Bill this morning
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  6. Dobbins gonna get carries today
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  7. I hope he gets more than he has been
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  8. would be hard not to
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  9. "Nah" - Greg Roman, probably
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  10. is Roman active today. Maybe he will get carries on the goal line
  11. Campbell!
  12. First snap, first sack!
  13. Calais all over early
  14. underrated comment
  15. Got lucky there
  16. BOY, we got lucky!
  17. jesus christ thats not a play we can have happen lol, at any point.
  18. Wentz may die in this game lol

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