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Week 7 Baltimore Ravens @ Minnesota Vikings

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Oct 21, 2017.

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  1. Lol.....again not what I said and again, it doesn’t matter.
  2. Not what you said at all.
  3. Yes I agree! No one is surprised that they suck fat juicy ass!
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  4. Sure it’s based on the blitz and coverage. You don’t think those situations are discussed and practiced? lol it’s the NFL. And yes, never said Flacco couldn’t make a mistake, but I trust the vet QB rather than the inexperienced RB knowing the QBs preference in that read. Fact is they weren’t on the same page and it’s because Allen would hardly ever be in that position.
  5. Yes, I think they discuss the RB having a safety 10 yards over the top facing blitz.

    But in all seriousness, I don't trust Flacco because he hasn't shown a consistent ability to make the correct read or make great throws this season. It's not like this is the first miscommunication he's had this season or the last that he'll have.

    I think that given Joe had like 10 or less seconds to read and recognize the situation while also trying to identify where the pressure is even coming from, he made a mistake.
  6. Agreed. When you have no pre season and you have know idea who you will be throwing to week to week, or who you can trust to catch the ball, or when you are going to be blind sided by an unblocked rusher, there will be missed communications. And again and again, not saying Flacco is without fault, but to not recognize the obvious issues that have made the situation unbearable and blame it all on him is again, “excruciatingly stupid”.
  7. I don't blame it all on him. I just think it was the wrong read.

    I think it is absurdly difficult to process a play in 10 seconds while trying to figure out who's blocking who, who will be the free rusher, and what's my coverage? I had the benefit of sitting on a couch and watching it all without being worried about being hit AND I had the rest of the game to think about it. Joe had to do it right then and there.
  8. The sad part is the only way Flacco is tradeable right now with his enormous salary is to package him along with a top draft pick much the same way Houston traded with the Browns. So Flacco is here to stay for a couple of seasons, but I truly believe the pressure is on the front office to draft a replacement next year.
  9. If anything thinks a team is going to trade their 1st rounder for a soon to be 33 year old washed up and never was that good QB ....welcome to

    la la land.
  10. not sure we can do that tbh - the salary and signing bonus is on our books no matter what we do im afraid
  11. No one will do that. Last year Houston traded Brock and their 2nd to Cleveland to get rid of his contract,

    He’s untraceable because of his guaranteed money on our end, he will be with us atleast one year if not two
  12. the flacco extension blindsided us. until the extension he was more than tradeable. how they extended him off the isolated kubiak influence with all manner of yearly failure surrounded that year is quizzical to say the least. ill say it, its because old men and vested flacco backers where doing the thinking on that plan.

    post extension we still had a chance to eat the dead cap, cut the dead and old wood, and get something. the old vested men never gave it a serious thought despite all the evidence in the world showing them what flacco really is.

    they missed their window of opportunity and so did the ravens. someone must pay
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