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Week 7 Baltimore Ravens @ Minnesota Vikings

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Oct 21, 2017.

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  1. And with that high pick we draft the future QB of Baltimore. One with personality and desire to win and the ability to inspire his team mates and the entire fanbase.
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  2. Yep Eddie Jackson. I was called crazy and Bama homer when I wanted him in draft. Dude plays like a 2nd contract vet already
  3. Sorry, you said you know what they practice, but that's not something you practice. That's a read that's made based on coverage and the blitz.
  4. We need a new scouting philosphy and if eric de costa has been responsible for the busts we've been drafting i'd let him venture for another GM job.
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  5. josh rosen please
  6. i never understood all the analysts who suggested his ceiling was as a dependable backup
  7. Can we beat Miami next week and Tennessee the week after? Don't think so.
  8. Let's hope the brownies 9ers and giants help us out
  9. the last thing we need is to not have a top 4 pick esp as 2 QBS will likely be picked in the top 5
  10. Joe Thomas out of the game is shocking and sad at the same time.
  11. And that has helped the Ravens’ offense how?
  12. Agreed. Make this a makeover year and hire new coaching staff. Suck the rest of the way, not on purpose but because we simply suck.
  13. I really hope we don't. I'm not Someone to root for my team to lose, but if we continue to be completely awful and don't change SHIT, that's when I get mad.
  14. With that I've become a huge Brownies fan today! Let's get the first win Browns!
  15. Critical down for the Browns D right here.
  16. It looks like Cleveland will be heartbroken with a 60 yd FG
  17. Nope Tucker plays for the Ravens and not the Titans. My bad.
  18. NO ONE should be surprised by this PISS POOR performance from this damn offense! NO ONE! They suck ass!! PERIOD!!
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  19. It's bigger than just drafting, player development is lacking as well.

    They aren't developing a lot of these younger players and the few that do develop or show potential it's at the end of their rookie year on a contract year.

    It's consistent McPhee had excellent Rookie year then some injuries year 2 before he was moved between LB and DE for 2 years playing less. Breaks out year 4 gone.
    Same thing with Kruger moved back & forth without a purpose, gaining and losing weight.

    Elam should have never been put at FS his rookie year, although ultimately he proved to just be bust regardless.

    Lord knows what the WR coach does with the WRs must play Tic-Tac Toe because Outside of veteran WRs we can't teach young WRs or TEs how to run a decent route.
  20. almost all of our problems these last five years involve bad player selection and that is solely ozze and decost
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