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Wild Card Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans

Discussion in '2020 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. Let's fucking go
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  2. I'm just now posting this because my family was over and we were all celebrating this VICTORY over dem damn titans.

    I'm so pumped right now! I absolutely LOVED that our guys ran to the center field and stomped on their logo for that bull :poop: they pulled on ours in week 11. The difference? When they did it....we still had about 6-7 games left in the season......when the RAVENS did it......it meant that their season was over and that their punkasses were going home! Good riddance! Bums!

    So proud of Lamar and the Ravens for FINALLY get over the hump of the 1st rd of the playoffs.


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  3. The trend continues... We win in their house, they win in ours. Maybe next year we can buck that trend at home if they come in here. Great win today.
  4. In the playoffs which is 1 game not 16 the analytics go out the window...
  5. I didn't agree today when we went on it on fourth and two, but I don't care if it's the playoffs or not. Everything said go for then, it was the playcall that was bad.
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  6. that's a losing mentality
    it's more than just stuff over time

    it's about win probability vs success rate
  7. worth noting there was a poster who turned up again today who im pretty sure hasnt been seen since the week 12 loss to pittsburgh

    and who im pretty sure disappeared again as soon as the 1st quarter lead was erased
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  8. A flag saved that call....so if u look for refs to save you then good luck winning a SB...this ain't NE homie.
  9. I bet if we didn't score there and we lost yall be singing a different toon.
  10. Point is we won by 7 when I was calling a blow out win during the week. This team could have done so hands down but we made it extremely hard for ourselves.
  11. Sorry I didn't know u cared so much..but I have better things to do then check in on a sports message board every week. Bur thanks homie let's catch the game together next week.
  12. flag saved the call??
    what are you talking about???

    we converted...
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  13. dude i wasnt even talking about you lol get off your high horse
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  14. @SepticeyePoe

    soz my man you got in too late - i already moved all those posts into the right thread lol
  15. Lol, yeah I deleted it when I saw you moved them

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