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Week 8 Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Oct 25, 2017.

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  1. That is...if it was a black cat.

    We basically play them every season.
  2. That cat had more rushing yards than the Dolphins
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  3. Beautiful all around
  4. you're right but about half the dolphins ran straight down the tunnel and half stayed out
  5. I'm just glad that we won on PRIME TIME!
  6. We got a SHUT OUT!!! How cool was that????
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  7. Including last season's 38-6 beatdown of the Dolphins, we have now outscored the Dolphins 78-6 in the past two games against them.
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  8. Seeing them win 40-0 tonight makes me think what might have been if we avoided all those injuries.
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  9. Harbaugh's post game presser is going to be an interesting one
  10. That game was almost a shutout too, right?
  11. Because we are the Ravens.
    We can't make up our minds.
  12. just shows you how easy the pats have it - normally go into a season knowing they have at least 4 and likely 5/6 wins in the division
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  13. For an old man I feel sprightly like that cat!
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  14. Story of the Ravens
  15. im gonna enjoy sports media the next 10 days
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  16. And to top all that Miami has lost only 5 games in that entire time including the one tonight. That is what makes it amazing.
  17. We didn’t just win, we won going away and then some
  18. I'm just trying to figure out how that Cat got on the field without nobody noticing that hey... there's a cat on the field.
  19. like even if we could just cherry pick a couple of guys to have back/not miss time... like if brandon doesnt miss those games and flacco doesnt miss all of the preseason, if yanda doesnt get injured and if tavon doesnt get injured in the offseason and if woodhead doesnt go down after 1 drive

    like we would legit be a very very strong contender in this messy afc
  20. Yeah, how’d that bengal get on the field
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