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Week 8 Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Oct 25, 2017.

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  1. we;ll make ourselves miserable by striving to get to 8-8 and miss out on an elite prospect

    just because thats how the post SB ravens roll...
  2. the dolphins wanted to get out of there so quickly they didnt even notice it either - i was sure the refs would blow it dead and get rid of it but no they snapped the ball and coughed it right up to us on downs
  3. Hopefully we don’t wake up to a Marty 5 yr contract extension
  4. Oh piss off
  5. So... should I stay with the color rush jersey profile pic?
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  6. man that would kill me - defence scored more than a 3rd of our points
  7. um... yeaahhh... duhhhh - think of everything that happened tonight and treat it like nickelback
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  8. Think BWill was just getting his sea legs last week. That was domination on all levels
  9. Cool. Jimmy stays.
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  10. I mean, the dude got a pick 6. He better stay!
  11. :)
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  12. You really think this team is going to do jack this year? We've been playing backup QB's lol

    and no..you piss off...you troll.
  13. You calling someone else a troll. That’s funny. No we aren’t going to do anything this year, but he’s entitled to an opinion as you are as well.

    He had the right to say that to you. Your just a very negative person. They aren’t going to lose on purpose and why do you think we are going to get to 8-8. You had us not winning more than 3.
  14. Don't get too carried away now! Take it for what it was...a win! A good, nice and NEEDED win!

  15. Ludi is a troll. Constantly negs my stuff by default or sarcasticaly clicks funny. Only i know. 75% of all my negs come from him.
  16. Why do you care.
  17. Can't actually wait for it.
    This should confuse the national media enough to doubt us less. But, if we lay an egg the next game we're back where we started. We need to win 3-5 games straight and then it'll give both the team and the fans confidence.
  18. Yeah, we need to go on a roll, but not sure we can
  19. that is the defense we know and love
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