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Week 11 Baltimore Ravens @ Green Bay Packers

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Nov 16, 2017.

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  1. just started a thread on this.

    we had 4, which is 2nd all time.
  2. Okay we got our 3rd shut out in 5 games. Unreal because no Ravens defense had done it before I think but unsure.
    Just realized the 2000 D had 4.
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  3. The fucking Browns
  4. I didn't see Mosley getting hurt. Do you think it's really bad? That would be devastating.
  5. Damn Kamara is a beast.
  6. Don't worry, I think nothing about you in the slightest..that's kind of my point. :D :lol:

    Seriously though man, I understand what you are saying about players "stepping" their game up or being "clutch" at certain times or on the big stage or in big moments. I've played ball so I get all of that. But, what you seem to be overlooking, which is something that I'm magnifying; is that for Flacco to play like :poop: for an entire season should be okay because IF he can get to the playoffs, I should have my hopes in him having the "switch" (had to get it back in there...lol) that he flips on and he'll play much better.

    To me, that's a asinine assumption. Sure, for some odd reason Flacco seems to get going when the "pressure" is on him like in a playoff atmosphere and setting. I get that too! Some people work well under pressure. I'm one of them. So, I can relate to Flacco from that perspective.
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  7. And Dolphins lost, this is great
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  8. Did not expect Dolphins to lose though I dont see them as a threat even before that for the 6 seed.
  9. and the bills just threw a pick 6
  10. Congrats to you guys today! You beat us up bad. We got our butts whallopped.
  11. Also, KC lost to NYG. Not sure if it's important but I'll take it
  12. It makes KC more likely to be the 3 seed and lets be honest KC is the most beatable division winner in the NFL.
  13. Looks like Flacco was sick today.
  14. harbs says CJ's injury aint too serious - says if he's hurt then they are 'we're the dumbest coaching staff in america'
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  15. Looked like he got rolled up on.
  16. So will he be out a month or the rest of the season?
  17. likely a career ender
  18. View attachment 316

    another celebration from the ravens defence tonight after marlon's first pick
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  19. I agree, but I believe he will get promoted next season. Agree he’s been doing well
  20. if urban doesnt get re-signed and kaufusi continues to suck he may well walk into the starting job in the offseason...
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