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2021 NFL Draft Gameday Draft Thread

Discussion in '2021 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Apr 27, 2021.


What position will the Ravens select with their first pick in the draft?

Poll closed Apr 29, 2021.
  1. Offensive Tackle

  2. Interior Offensive Line

  3. Wide Receiver

  4. Safety

  5. EDGE

  6. Other

  1. a load of my top guys remaining have just started to go

    Trey Smith
    Tay Gowan
    JaCoby Stevens
    Israel Mukuamu
  2. he was playing out of position in 2020. His better tape is from 2019 when he played in the slot
  3. man chiefs have 3 great pickups in their draft haul

    Creed Humphrey
    Cornell Powell
    Trey Smith
  4. Trey Smith and Israel were just drafted
  5. Anyone know Alaric Jackson?
  6. Or is it that teams had a better understanding of how to attack him?
  7. Maaan David Moore.. What's upppp
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  8. Yes, he’s my best friend, why?
  9. Amazing, both Marvin Wilson and Dylan Moses are still on the board and might go undrafted. I'd like to sign both as UDFAs if possible.

    Also I see that Camaron Cheeseman did in fact get drafted but not by the Packers. Come on @Ice Bowl, what are the Packers doing? He was born to be a Packer.
  10. Who took him?
  11. Denver.
  12. Priority FA?
  13. who's gonna be this year's Mr Irrelevant?
  14. Ladies & Gentlemen, your Mr. IRRELEVANT FOR 2021....

    Grant Stuard.. Linebacker Houston.
  15. We're gonna make our opposition 'Ben' to our will!
  16. So, football enlightened forum brothers/sisters: Kindly rate our 2021 draft class. Thank you kindly.
  17. you can find some post-draft thoughts from various posters here


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