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2021 NFL Draft Gameday Draft Thread

Discussion in '2021 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Apr 27, 2021.


What position will the Ravens select with their first pick in the draft?

Poll closed Apr 29, 2021.
  1. Offensive Tackle

  2. Interior Offensive Line

  3. Wide Receiver

  4. Safety

  5. EDGE

  6. Other

  1. Day 1: April 29th - 8pm ET
    Day 2: April 30th - 7pm ET
    Day 3: May 1st - 12pm ET


    Broadcast on NFL Network, ESPN and ABC

    This thread has RULES - please read them... they are important

    • There are NO SPOILERS in this thread before the broadcast catches up
    • (we realise that insiders sometimes drop the picks before they are shown on the broadcast and request posters to abstain from posting that information in this thread on draft night until after the pick has been broadcast) - this is especially important now that there is an on-location draft
    • We will operate a 1 strike and your out policy during broadcast - an initial verbal warning and deletion of post followed by a suspension for any further spoilers - suspensions could potentially last for the rest of the draft
    • The no spoilers rule applies to days 1 and 2 of the draft - if you are not interested in the broadcast you are free to post spoilers elsewhere in the forum but not on this gameday thread
    • This rule does not apply on day 3 because of how behind the broadcast runs but as always please be considerate of your fellow posters
    Hopefully we're all happy come Saturday evening. Either that or hopefully the meltdown that ensues will have been worth it for posterity's sake...
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  2. Lets get ready to rumble......
  3. Flashback to last year when Bill Belichick's dog took over the draft. I really did enjoy the virtual draft last year, seeing the players in their homes with their families, the coaches at home, Kliff Kingsbury's Bachelor Pad and more. Kinda wish the NFL remained virtual this year for that reason.

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  4. Yes, respect to the nfl for crushing it last year with such short notice. They really showed out and made a great presentation
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  5. Looking forward to tomorrow! Main event in here, then over to the Joeyflex5 reaction thread for the after-party.
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  6. haha and then same again friday night too
  7. So I guess Denver will likley trade with Miami to ensure they get Fields or Jones before New England potentially moves up.


  8. I LOVE EDC - i love ozzie too, but we'd never have got this sort of access with ozzie - and if im being real, we'd probably still be handwriting the board lol
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  9. EDC is the man. He fights his ass off to field a winning team every year and has remained loyal to us through and through
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  10. EDC built different
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  11. I’m disgusted with my reputation and am choosing to protest the draft as a result
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  12. wonder how long it will take me to talk myself into Oweh when we draft him.
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  13. Nonono your spirit/attitude/reputation is at the heart of this board.
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  14. I’ve said it before but it’s gonna be strange to come home from work and just watch the draft with some Chipotle and a beer and not get upset if we don’t get who I want. Told myself I wasn’t going to get enamored with any prospects and just trust EDC
    #14 JAAM, Apr 29, 2021
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2021
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  15. I'll be watching from Japan at our local sushi go round. Figured by the time the Ravens pick it will be nearly lunch time here

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  16. Hey everyone. Hype for tomorrow XD missed you guys
  17. probably only a couple of days maybe lol - once he’s a raven it’s hope time
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  18. This genuinely feels like waking up on Christmas morning
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  19. Morning everybody
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  20. Peter King has us moving to pick 22 and selecting Kwitty Paye. I like this and I think it makes sense
    Dickerson at 31
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