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Welcome to Baltimore: Brandon Stephens

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. @JoeyFlex5 , and this is the guy you call a piece of shit? This is gonna be the next key piece on our defense, ya hear me? #SIIE

    Now get your ass to the Pit of Misery this INSTANT. Dilly dilly!
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  2. This was a good one. Harbaughs got so much swag calling the draft picks, talkin bout “we like to play football up here”. I don’t tolerate harbaugh slander, that man is a saint
  3. Don’t hold me accountable, tf?
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. i like that moment between harbs and EDC at the end too
  6. @2:04 did Harbs just say "alright Ben"?!

    Either we drafted 'B Stephens' as a Ben and Harbs has got a sad moment coming up or he's hinting at a name change policy for all new draftees. You heard it here first! :eek:
  7. He said “alright then”
  8. @Edgar has an upload for Stephens.

    and let’s just say... I scratch my head at the pick even more. I hope for the best obviously but I’m expecting a wasted round 3 pick in a class where we had minimal day 2 picks and there were still good players available. I just don’t see anything at all to suggest he should’ve been picked there
  9. I *like* the pick now that I've gotten to watch tape. The caveat is I don't think he's a FS. I think he's a corner and a talented one. His best attributes are his hip fluidity and his ball skills. He's not overly physical and his technique is a mess, plus he's not fearless as a tackler. I'd rather developp him as a CB who can also play the slot. I do think he has great athleticism for the position.
  10. Well, if he develops as a CB then it would let us move on from Jimmy Smith. Love the guy, he was the cornerstone of our secondary for most of the 2010s, but he's gonna turn 33 this season and it's his tenth year in the league. So a new large CB with ball skills would be nice to have ready to go. Also I think Peters is near the end of his contract. It's not a need right now, but in a season or two we might have really needed a new outside corner so he could be perfect for that. Still a reach, but at least one with a large upside at a future position of need.
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  11. nice free safety rep here

    for all the criticism you can have of his press technique etc - the one constant in his film no matter where he lines up is his ball production - he consistently makes plays on the ball in the air
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  12. He does, and it’s strange.

    maybe that ball production hints at something for coaches that us regular folks don’t pick up on. Maybe there’s some advanced metric that suggests his measurables and ball skills usually translates to something? Idk man, I still see nothing other than ball skills
  13. We have Peters until the end of 2022
  14. i mean you can see he's got great movement skills on tape - just really unrefined - it's not hard to see what they like in him - he's not trash
  15. You see great movement skills, I see a db who can’t backpedal or flip hips lol
  16. So, what's the deal on taking this dude at 104? Rationale if he was going to be there till the 5th anyway? I don't know. Somehow, I think the front office knows and sees something in this dude that has star written somewhere. Otherwise why take him when they did?
  17. Like I said, man, something about this guy tells me that he's gonna be a key piece on this defense in the years to come (yes, this is a #SIIE).
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  18. Nah, that’s Shaun Wade
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  19. Can't flip hips?? Nah bro I can't let you say that.
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  20. He's not a nobody in terms of what talent evaluators think. DJ had him as the #129 prospect overall in the draft, for example.
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