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Welcome to Baltimore: Tylan Wallace

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, May 1, 2021.

  1. Just went back to some Tylan Wallace in 2018 and man he gets great separation on his breaks. Even his senior bowl 1 on 1s you can see 5 yards of separation when he makes a break. Thats exciting to see as a slot receiver for us.

    My only worry is that in the 2 games i watched he had 4 or 5 drops. 3 vs oklahoma but this was 2018 not sure how hes been with drops since then. Some really clutch catches though, and they werent easy ones
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  2. Mark claytons rookie year was the first year I really got into watching football, I was a huge Clayton and mason fan and at the time I thought we had some of the best receivers in the league lmao. He led the ravens franchise in 100 yard receiving games for a very long time
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  3. had no issues with drops in any of the games ive watched in either 2019 or 2020 - a couple of incompletions where i would have liked him to finish the catch but nothing major at all - especially given the amount of amazing and dominant grabs he had at the catch point in contested situations - really great with late body adjustments and late hands to create separation at the catch-point - good hands
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  4. Playing with Boller, a mostly decrepit McNair in 2007, and young inexperienced Joe and that’s a recipe for disaster along with the reasons you stated
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  5. Tylan Wallace plays like he’s got black air forces and a dingy wifebeater on. Straight disrespectful shit. Like elbow you in your shit and be like “nah we don’t call fouls, quit crying run it again”. You be ready to fight but you know he’d probably whoop your ass, dudes playing ball in black forces and a dingy beater ffs, you know he don’t give a fuck. That’s Tylan Wallace.
  6. Tylan makes plays that are difficult look routine at the catch-point - his body control and body adjustment at the catch-point as well as his hands and ball location is top of the class...

    still dont love what he does at the release and he gets re-routed too easily - but i love how physical he is later in the route

    i dont think he and ja'marr chase are that dissimilar in their profiles - he's less twitchy and chase is built like a train but their strengths and weaknesses are pretty similar - both struggle at the release despite being super physical later in the route - both made up for it in college by being exceptional at the catch-point and physical after the catch - both show some nuance running routes horizontally
  7. He needs to hit, because I like 16 and I’ve wanted to wear a #16 ravens jersey forever but we’ve never had a good one
  8. Dont disrespect super bowl champion, David Reed like that.

    Tylan should’ve went with 17 so all the random Mike Wallace jersey owners can rejoice. Would’ve been an instant fan favorite lol
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  9. Now that I think of it, Wallace reminds me of David Reed
  10. Damn that’s real, like he really could’ve done that, I’m glad he didn’t though because any ravens fan who bought a mike Wallace Jersey needs to just understand that they made a bad decision.
  11. Nah
  12. Mix between David Reed and Tandon Doss
  13. Nah and nah. David Reed was a toothpick and straight line sprinter, tandon doss ironically was a super sure handed route running prospect who dropped everything in the pros and couldn’t separate.

    Wallace is closer to like a mark Clayton if you wanna comp to ravens receivers, except he is a lot more physical. Hard to really comp Wallace to anyone because he’s got a real unique blend of skill sets. There’s one player who really comes to mind because their play and skill sets and even demeanor and intensity are similar, but I don’t wanna say it because it’s ridiculous to make this comp for a 4th round rookie... ok I’m gonna say it, Steve smith. Now, I’m not saying he’s Steve smith, but that’s who I’m reminded of, he’s on the shorter side at 5’11” but plays as if he’s 6’2”, explosive change of direction, leaps and attacks the ball, body control, not scared of a damn thing, accelerates quickly, tough, alpha type personality on the field. Similarities are there.
  14. Hell I’ll take that
  15. Again I wouldn’t expect him to be Steve smith lol, he’s got a ton of work to do on his release from the line of scrimmage, and he also doesn’t do much to release vertically, and all of his route running is essentially hard jabs to separate. He’s a capable but not savvy or creative route runner.

    What I’ll say about him is that I can’t think of a better value replacement for Snead. Holy hell is this guy perfect for that role, he should offer everything Snead gave us, with the added benefit of being a jumpball/contested catch monster
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  16. I don’t see Steve smith necessarily but there is one awesome highlight where he’s very reminiscent of Steve - takes the screen, bounces off a tackle then stiff arms a db downfield and palms off another one on his way to the endzone
  17. I have a tendency to comp players and I just can’t come up with a comp for Wallace, Steve smith or Jarvis Landry feel like the closest ones but I don’t think those are necessarily accurate.
  18. there's elements of both to be fair
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