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Week 12 Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. If it’s 10 yard route I agree if it’s a 60 yard route I would rather that.
  2. That may be the case...
  3. That was a good win, happy for you guys.
  4. that's cute - steelers get away with the most offensive holds ive ever seen and clear roughing the passer penalty that changed momentum near the end of the game
  5. We like you too, I hope you hang with us every game.
  6. On their board they are saying we benefitted from the officials. Remember a playoff game 2 years ago against the Bengals where the Bengals were jobbed by the refs against them.
  7. Well, it certainly won't make things worse for the offense than they have been.
  8. I do hate the Vikings the most though. I have an unhealthy hate for them too.
  9. That fake punt was sweet
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  10. I am glad Stanley was ok
  11. Wouldn’t you want to go home? I think you and I could go out there and do a better job receiving. Our WRs suck, they just suck.
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  12. I am happy we did not get embarrassed on MNF
  13. It was.
  14. Stanley being ok is huge. I hope he continues to be healthy.
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  15. We kinda did though.
  16. It's normal for an NFL fan to hate at least one division rival.
  17. it was a win lol - not sure it was much "good"

    but thanks anyway - it was nice having you on the boards as an objective voice of reason
  18. Eh......much better than a lot this week. At least 16. lol
  19. i know we won but im pretty embarrassed about the state of this offence right now
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  20. nah the steelers get more help from officials than any team in the league outside of new england
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