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Week 12 Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. jensen is equally important at centre too im glad he got back up to play the next down after he went down
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  2. Hey Kdog I'm kind of feeling under the weather tonight too. Stomach cramps ever since I ate at Wendys earlier lol. Is that what you had too, the flu?
  3. Well everyone, I will take the win, have a great night!!!!!
  4. We'll open your eyes and teach you to hate NE. Hating them is healthy.
  5. You too buddy.
  6. Trust me I hate them too. I hate the VIkings, Patriots, Lions, Bears, Steelers and Seahawks.
  7. Real bad cold.
    My daughter faught for two weeks.
    My wife is on her third.
  8. Colds are terrible. Is it in your chest?
  9. lmfao, the nfl has their head up their ass
  10. my wife always gets them in her chest. She has them bad and it totally knocks her out. For me, it's just a head cold and never knocks me out. Colds definitely hit everyone different.
  11. My Dad got one after going to a packer game when it was 10 below zero. It took him a month to get over that one.
  12. Willie Henry has been leading the dline in snaps for weeks - not sure why he’s not listed as the starter in pro bowl voting
  13. I've been saying this since week 4. Welcome to the dark side......
  14. Head and chest.
  15. I have us going 2-3 in the next 5 games.

    Detroit: L
    Browns: W
    Colts: W
    Bengals: L

    so that means we maintain our glorious 8-8 and get the 15-16th pick in the draft.
  16. If we beat detroit, my opinion of this team will change.
  17. You see us losing to the bengals at home to finish the year and miss out on a playoff spot because of that loss?
  18. yup.
  19. I'm going to disagree with you in that I think they beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh but lose against the either the Browns in Cleveland or Bengals in Baltimore. The Detroit game next week will be a loss as well (10 days rest and prep for them and short week for us) and Indy will shock us with another back up. I see them going 3-2 best case and 2-3 worst case in the next 5 weeks. So, in essence I agree with you that we won't make the playoffs with this offense and QB. I can't fathom Flacco magically improving in the next few weeks and Marty growing an offensive brain that works with the talent level or lack thereof on this offense. This is the worst I've felt about our team after a W frankly.
  20. My opinion of them would only change if the offense wins that game for them in a shoot out. Otherwise, it is status quo for me. If there is offensive production and points without turnovers, that's when my opinion of this team will change. Because the defense is pretty inconsistent as well.
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