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Week 13 Detroit Lions @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Dec 2, 2017.

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  1. For once a receiver that doesn't drop the pass
  2. I was sweating this and early in the fourth quarter then BAM!
  3. What are you doing changing the channel?!?!
  4. Detroit running suggests they have given up which I cannot blame them.
  5. Why does The Bank look empty? This game should help put fans back in the seats.
  6. they just want to have a qb alive to play next week
  7. Because this game is over and people are trying to beat the traffic home.
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  8. I mean some probably have left since the game is over.
  9. Lol 29 take aways are you kidding
  10. Canady is being investigated for homicide and weddle for robbery
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  11. Anyone remembers 2015 when we had like 6 turnovers all season?
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  12. NICE! Where was this team in September and October when we needed this team to win those close games we lost.
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  13. we're averaging more than 2 turnovers per game
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  14. Way to bring it up again.
  15. Isn't it great being up by 24 at the 2 minute warning!
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  16. Damn, the Lions bench looks so sad.
  17. 44-20 after being separated by only 7 points in the 3rd quarter. That talk from Suggs worked a charm and well done Humphrey on the INT before. Hopefully that boosts his confidence after being burned a few times. Think this is the first time we've conceded 20 points and won this season.
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  18. We just knocked them out of the playoffs if the Stafford injury is semi serious and they know it.

    This was a statement game. We need to win next week too and we are playoff bound. It's easy pickings after that.
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  20. Hey @iceup ( what is it? )
    Packs Won in OT !!
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