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Week 13 Detroit Lions @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Dec 2, 2017.

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  1. :D

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  3. ravens just posted a vid of CJ giving away his glove to a young fan - suggests to me that harbs has learned his lesson and wont let CJ touch the field
  4. @Ice Bowl
  5. They are not winning next week. Do not set yourself up to be let down. The only thing the Ravens have going for them is that Pitt has a MNF game against a division rival and I am not sure who I am cheering for in that game.
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  7. Big win, so sorry about Jimmy though!
  8. How sweet a win can be!
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  9. Yeah thanks.

    @IceBowl !!
    Packs Won !!!
  10. In my mind, the Ravens chances of making the playoffs went up beyond 70%. Don't blame me for being a realist. But 3 games won in a row is great progress. If only we replicate this offensive performance against the Steelers and win it. Wow!
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  11. offense dominated.
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  12. Now to see the end of KC vs NYJ. Idk who we want to win?
  13. Hey @Militant X 1 how's that for a breakout game?

    Better late than never
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  14. jets 100% - chiefs keep free falling it makes our wc spot that much safer
  15. Yeah that makes sense.
  16. That is all I want for Christmas.

    Just imagine if they can somehow punch above their weight class and beat Pitt it's smooth sailing against the Browns and Colts. That would be six wins in a row.

    It's not likely, of course, but hey until recently Baltimore had Pittsburgh's number. Ryan Mallett and the misfit toys beat them in 2015 so this squad definitely has a chance even without Jimmy.

    Regardless, these past several years have taught me to savor every win and this was a great one.
  17. I will never stop liking this post
  18. Damn that 4th down conversion from the Texans
  19. 3 consecutive false starts and they convert 4th and 19 if it survives the booth review but i dont think that ball touches the ground
  20. And then Savage throws a pick
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