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Week 1 Baltimore Ravens @ Las Vegas Raiders

Discussion in '2021 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. Thought the Ravens played much sharper...fewer mental mistakes. Raiders were fortunate to be in the game in the fourth quarter, but they dominated that last period. Ravens were lucky to be in the game but no near good enough to pull it out. Theres lots of problems, but its quite clear what the major issue is. Raven's are lucky not to be in last place. The Browns should have won their game.
  2. This is the worst “told ya so” ever because god dammit I watched a shit ton of film on him from last year and I was seriously worried that he would be the type of player that could tank our whole season based on that, gave every reason for optimism, different scheme, better than fluker, bla bla, but no, he’s not better than fluker and the scheme doesn’t save him or mask him and the results will be absolutely disastrous if we trot that bullshit out there for 16 more games.

    And of course the worst part, his replacement was carted off tonight.
  3. Lamar's 2 fumbles lead to 2 TD's for the Raiders and our 0-1 start.

    Chiefs next week. That's another "L".

    We start 0-2

    OUR RT is pure TRASH!
  4. i think what surprised me is that he's not a good run blocker but he's always had good feet and we saw that in the preseason - and yet tonight he looked stuck in the ground
  5. Good thing we have like 10 4th round picks. Use all of them on Oline and maybe we can find another Rick Wagner and Ryan Jensen.

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