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Next Up: vs Chiefs

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Sep 14, 2021 at 12:14 AM.

  1. SNF but honestly I'm not looking forward to this - already didn't love it before the season and after this Raiders game I'm worried that Lamar's going to get killed back there with Chris Jones and maybe Frank Clark back...

    and on defence the loss of Peters really showed up against the Raiders and now we've got Kelce, Hill et al to combat...

    I'm not going to pretend I'm hopeful
  2. Can we petition someone to flex this out of SNF?
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  3. haha i dont want to have to wait all day just to get waxed by the Chiefs again at home
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  4. Nice week to rebound haha
    Not ideal to start the season 0-2.
  5. I’m gonna choose disappointment this week.

    do I think we’re gonna lose? Absolutely. Do I think we’re gonna lose badly? You bet I do. Am I gonna hold out hope that we put something on film for us to make adjustments and we look like a different team Sunday night? Fuck man I guess so, it’s what we fans do, right?

    here goes nothing
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  6. I'll say we either win or lose close, and look like a totally different team than last week.
    Because, NFL.
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  7. This game will not be close. Lamar will once again be running for his life and we will not pressure Mahomes.

    I have to say I dont think we are a playoff team this year.
  8. At least I'll have low expectations for this game so it won't feel as bad when we lose. And if we do somehow pull a miracle out of our ass and win, I'll be happily surprised.
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  9. OK. I'm just not willing to make any of these adjustments from literally one football game.

    That's why they call it overreaction Monday (or in this case, Tuesday).
  10. I'm expecting a loss against the Chiefs but the defense will play better and the oline will play better. I'm going to attribute much of the running game issues to not having enough time to prepare. I'm hoping we are respectable this week, but again, not expecting a win.
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  11. Every year we declare the season over after a disappointing loss, and then the team makes adjustments and suddenly look reborn. Let's go blow them the fuck out.
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  12. I can only hope that this team has some pride to not get embarrassed by Mahomes for the 4th time, but 0-2 is imminent now.
  13. just not used to it happening this early in the season since we drafted lamar lol
  14. This will be a tough game.

    The OL will need to bounce back in a big way. The offence will need to score, can't be kicking FG's against KC.

    Also need to limit the backbreaking mistakes, KC is too good. Can't give them short fields.
  15. we havn't had many moments like this during the regular season since Lamar became the starter in 2018.
  16. I'm going to get my hopes up for this only to be devastated by another loss, it's just my way. In my spare time I also enjoy punching myself in the nuts
  17. OL needs to do its part in pass protection. At least it can't be much worse than it was on Monday. They got exposed faster than Deshaun at a day spa.
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  18. I absolutely remember moments in the last two seasons where posters on this board declared the season over and said we weren't a playoff team before the team got hot and went on a run. Usually around weeks 4-6 to be fair, but things can change quickly. As long as the injuries calm down, at some point we can game plan for a consistent set of personnel.
  19. The only possible thing I see going for us in this game is given that we've been basically in shambles to start the year and laid a giant egg in week 1, their might be less perceived pressure on us for this game. Like if we were healthy and rolled the raiders on the road, we would be like ohhh it's the dreaded chiefs game. Right now, were like can we get in there not get an embarrassed and keep Lamar safe? Winning is barely on the radar. That might allow us to play more comfortable and less panicked that they are our boogeyman. Idk just looking for something because I'm afraid it's gonna be the worst game we've seen in the Lamar era
  20. Pretty sure I stuck a fork in is after the Pats loss. Never know how the season will turn out. Not saying we're done week 1 with help coming back in upcoming weeks.
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