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Week 15 Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Dec 15, 2017.

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  2. Thank God you posted L.I.T.

    After last week's fiasco.
  3. Get up early and take away any hope of them winning this game. Offense continue playing well feed Collins and don’t throw it to Maclin. Defense man the fuck up take that embarrassment last game and put a hurting on Kiser.
  4. So if we lose to the Brown and miss the playoffs will Harbaugh & Co get fired?
  5. Nope
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  6. nope.
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  7. Excited to see the guys play again I think we come out with some fire after that last game and knowing what’s on the line the next three weeks a lot of guys seem hungry to get back to the post season
  8. Yeah I think we can blame the steelers loss on the nickelback fiasco last week
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  9. Also I’m most likely gonna be driving across country during the game which means I’m gonna miss a ravens game (or most of it) for the first time in a while
  10. Next week I have to work on Saturday and it’ll be first game missed since 2008 dead serious it’s going to drive me crazy at work
  11. One advantage to satellite radio here in the states.
  12. I could probably get the local radio via the internet but I’ve got a passenger with no interest in football and intermittent internet the whole way
  13. Why am I so nervous about this game? Could be a sloppy field too.
  14. Prediction time:
    INT for Marlon despite early struggles against Gordon.
    Sack for Bowser and/or Timmy Willy
    Big plays from Moore, Maclin
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  15. I'm in favor of scratching maclin in favor of Perriman.

    I just properly used "in favor" twice in one short sentence
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  16. Fucking Tim Williams is inactive.
  17. Inactives: West, T.Will, Eluemunor, Kaufusi, Wormley, Shakir, Jean-Baptiste
  18. Unreal. ZDS comes back and twill is a scratch. I'll never fucking understand this coaching staff
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