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SHAME (Or the Pound the Table Thread)

Discussion in '2017 NFL Draft' started by SepticeyePoe, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. It was at least a week or so before the draft because some of us picked Gareon Conley

    And given that I thought Sidney Jones was too easy of an answer it probably was before his injury too which suggests it was before his pro day
  2. Yes, he was PurpleHorseman. His avatar got cut off so I could fit in his entire post.
  3. I took the screenshots on April 11, which I think was when the thread was started.
  4. So 2 and a half weeks before the draft
    Cool cool
  5. Just a little more than 2 weeks before draft then.
  6. Tbf, TE generally is a position that takes time to adjust to the nfl.
  7. I remember him as Winchester. Forgot purple horseman
  8. According to PFF he was terrible. Still wouldnt have changed my mind on him though
  9. PFF grades on TE look real weird, I don't know how Engram has a worse grade than John Ross for example.
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  10. john ross gets a grade at all?
    dude hasnt been on the field...
  11. Yes he has. Two targets, no reception. One carry, one fumble.
  12. my bad - how john ross doesnt have a negative grade is beyond me - how is it possible for engram to have a lower grade than ross?
  13. My point exactly.

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