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2018 Forum Mock: Free Agency (WR and TE)

Discussion in '2018 Forum Mock' started by Truth, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Bills request a bid off for WR Kendall Wright
  2. Just FYI... As I was scrolling through to see what I might have missed on, the Steelers had a 1 star bid for Allison on page 1.
  3. If you have final five rights and would like to bid off, please send your bids to either me or @Truth
  4. The San Francisco 49ers would like a bid-off on Matthew Slater against the New Orleans Saints.
  5. Please announce your bid offs in this thread.
  6. Wright is a Bill, Browns won't bid.
  7. Welcome back to Cleveland

    Cleveland Browns
    WR Albert Wilson
    2 stars
  8. WR Kendall Wright is a Bill at 3.5 Stars! @Cowboysfan1 (Browns had final bid and then dropped out, meaning that nabbing Wright would require a minimum increase above his final one.
  9. The San Francisco 49ers request a bid-off for Brice Butler against the Carolina Panthers.
  10. The Oakland Raiders win
    WR Jordan Matthews 1.0 star
    WR John Brown 1.0 star
    TE Niles Paul 1.0 star
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  11. If Cle is retracting its bid of 3 stars, then Kendall Wright should be a Bill at 1.5 stars
  12. No bids can even be retracted so long as the team has enough space to fulfill said bid. His final bid was valid so it stands; he simply doesn't wish to up the ante thereafter. And since his valid bid is last, it needs to be upped in order to net Wright. Unless you choose to back out and give up Wright for the value of the final bid.
  13. New York Jets win:

    Jarvis Landry at 22 stars!
  14. Welcome to the Broncos.
  15. Carolina Panthers wins Brice Butler at 5.0 stars @cdp
  16. I didn't bid more than 3 stars either. My bid was 1.5.
  17. He bid 3 Stars. His final bid was valid as he had enough cap space, and that was the winning bid. He drops out of the bid-off, but that doesn't void his prior bid since bids cannot be voided. This means that you would have to beat his bid of 3 Stars by a minimum amount in order to obtain Wright, that being 3.5 Stars. In short, you can either obtain Wright for 3.5 Stars or decline the bid-off yourself and allow Wright to be a Brown at the winning bid.
  18. And I'll happily take him for 3 stars.
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  19. I'll take him for 3.5 stars
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  20. I would say winner, but I would've killed anyone who had done otherwise. Actually, Phillip Rivers would have done that for me. Hello old friend. He may be old, but he still can play

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