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The "WAV" Fantasy League

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. How many more do you need? My brother and I were looking for a casual league.
  2. Great to see you back.

    I can probably play I just need some details. After Sept 8th at noon I can not care about a thing in the world except football. Until then, fuck the ACT.
  3. We have a few but you two are welcome. It’s an ESPN league
  4. I'm still in.
  5. I don’t usually play but someone twisted my arm this year, fuck it guess I’ll join this one too
  6. I too am still in. #virgin4life
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  7. send me your emails.
  8. I think my brother will want to do one. Shoot me an email with any info and I'll pass it onto him.
  9. I just sent you the email invite. The We Are Virgins Fantasy League is proud to have anyone we can get..

    Though besides your bro we need three more members.
  10. IIRC, @Ravensnation5220 and @Charm City had said they were interested prior to the board going down. You guys are still welcome to join, if you want to.
  11. If you need an extra, I may be able to join in
  12. Send me your email.

    Thanks to time constraints the draft will be tomorrow at 4 mountain time
  13. We need two more owners everyone
  14. Go searching other boards for virgins??? Lmao
  15. My team name is minute man.....thought itd suit well with the league name
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  16. With everyone on here we can’t find 10 freakin people to play? Come on guys
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  17. Who can we @ thats a regular here?
  18. What site wold this be on?
  19. Espn

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