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2023 Forum Mock: Tenders, Cuts & Restructures Thread


Ravens Ring of Honor
From 2018, literally 5 years ago:

FAs signed during FA can be released or traded afterwards; however, the team will incur a financial penalty by consuming half of their salary.

The rule hasn't been amended since and you've been with us since 2019. The blame game is not in your favor on this one.

He was being sarcastic humored, trying to be funny. Lol


Practice Squad
The Houston Texans cut the following players:

Christian Kirksey (5.5 Stars)
Steven Nelson (4 Stars)
Charlie Heck (2.5 Stars)

and restructure the contract of Shaq Barrett
14.500.000 * 0.3 = 4.350.000 -> 4.5 Stars

Saving a total of 16.5 Stars


Practice Squad
Las vegas raiders cuts 1 star each
Brittain brown rb
Sincere McCormack fb
DJ Turner Wr
Jordan Meredith OG
MAtt Butler Dt
Ku magua DE
Tyler Johnson WR
Bryce Cosby CB
Darian Butler LB
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The New England Patriots cut the following players for 1 Star each:
RB, JJ Taylor
WR, Raleigh Webb
TE, Scotty Washington
C, Kody Russell
G, Hayden Howerton
LB, Calvin Munson
LB, Terez Hall
DB, Rodney Randle
S, Joshua Bledsoe
Los Angeles Chargers restructure Joey Bosas contract:

Base: 24,000,000 / 2 = 12 Stars
Cap Hit: 31,000,000 * 0.3 = 9.33

Chargers save 9.5 Stars

(Was done by old owner as well, just wanted to clarify)