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2019 LB Thread

Discussion in '2019 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    Specifically a thread for off-ball Linebackers from the 2019 draft class

    preferably keep edge guys in the edge thread but obviously there will be potential for crossover (just as there might for a 4-3 defence and the DL and EDGE threads but I thought a catch-all front 7 thread might be a bit too convoluted)
  2. RaineV1

    RaineV1 Pro Bowler

    I love this video of Miami LB, Shaq Quarterman, talking about following in the footsteps of great defenders in Miami's past.

    We might be losing Mosely if someone offers more money than us, Suggs could be retiring soon, and Weddle might be gone after this year. Shaq is the kind of guy that can come in to take the reigns of this defense as its leader.
  3. allblackraven

    allblackraven Ravens Ring of Honor

    I reckon we'll franchise CJ.
  4. RaineV1

    RaineV1 Pro Bowler

    If we trade down we could replace CJ with another Alabama linebacker, Mack Wilson. Good in coverage and great football iq (he is a bama lb afterall).

    Germaine Pratt in the third would be great value, even as a trade up in the third. A safety turned linebacker. Basically plays like a big, box safety. Great sideline to sideline speed, good instincts in coverage, and a decent run defender.
  5. allblackraven

    allblackraven Ravens Ring of Honor

    Technically, we could do that even if we don't trade down.
  6. RaineV1

    RaineV1 Pro Bowler

    True, but I think Wilson wouldn't be close to bpa at 22. Has a ton of potential but still kinda raw and inexperienced. Unlike CJ he wouldn't be able to be in charge of the defense right away.
  7. allblackraven

    allblackraven Ravens Ring of Honor

    Yeah, just kidding - thus "technically"
  8. Lost_In_Translation

    Lost_In_Translation Staff Member Administrator Writer

    My big problem with Wilson isn't that he's raw.... He's inconsistent, which shows me that his issues are coachable. He's got the athleticism, and at times shows the football intelligence to be a top tier LB at the next level. But there are games where he can shed blocks, there are games where he doesn't. There are games where he is fantastic at putting the front seven into position. There are days where he isn't. There are days where he moves at 100 mph and is aggressive like he should be. There are days where he isn't. There are games where his tackling form is EXCELLENT. His issues are very akin to Devin White's, but I'd argue White's instincts are better, and even if Wilson is freakishly athletic, White is a generational athlete.

    But the pros are too present to ignore. He's not just fast, he's explosive, and he's got a frame to put on another ten pounds of muscle and not lose much of his speed. When he's on his A-game, he's elite. He's violent, he's very smart, his instincts in coverage are great, he displays the potential to be a green dot guy one day.

    Wilson is a low first to high second rounder on my board. He plays like a Raven and could be a high level contributor in his first year and a guy who could be an all pro one day. At worst, he's a solid starter in my eyes because I think he will be more consistent in the pros with good coaching
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  9. redrum52

    redrum52 MVP

    If we don't go OL or WR we better be trading down unless someone crazy fell.
  10. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    maybe edge too but otherwise i think i agree
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  11. RavensMania

    RavensMania Staff Member Moderator

  12. Willbacker

    Willbacker Pro Bowler

    Sounds more like a safety than a damn linebacker. Would be nice to have on the field for 3rd down lol. I did watch Michigan play and he didn't stick out to me. I would have to see more of him tho give a true opinion tbh.
  13. Davesta

    Davesta Veteran

    Yeah, he doesn’t blow it out the water for us to draft him 1st round. Not with bigger needs like iOL and WR
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  14. RavensMania

    RavensMania Staff Member Moderator

  15. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Ravens Ring of Honor

    Sounds about right, his run defense was lower than I expected but I did expect a big gap between his run defense and his coverage/pass rush. He’s an elite coverage guy and an even better blitzer and definitely needs work against the run

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