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Ravens Fans From All Over - Where Are You From?

Discussion in 'Ravens Fans Unite' started by Militant X 1, May 5, 2017.

  1. Grew up in North Arkansas

    Live in San Diego, founded by the Romans
  2. Crofton/Odenton are of A.A.
  3. Sydney, Australia
  4. Currently living in South Florida, willing to move north if I can create the right opportunity for myself..


    hint hint...
  5. Lol, didn't know thus turned into Monster
  6. Life is all about networking...never know who is sitting on the other side of the key board sometimes
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  7. Didn't mean for this to come out negative. I agree with @usmccharles
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  8. haha i didnt take it negative at all.
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  9. Country: Denmark
    City: Hanstholm

  10. ontario, canada
  11. Saskatchewan, Canada
  12. Alberta, Canada. :)
  13. exactly lol
    lol I know what you meant by it.
  14. Rockville, MD across from the Grosvenor Metro Station.
  15. Carney. MD. My property backs up almost to the Big Gunpowder where it crosses Harford Rd, down by where the old Copperworks is.
  16. Fed Hill, Baltimore City - Maryland
  17. Melbourne, Australia.
  18. i forgot about this thread - and also how life has changed since i last posted in it...

    last time i posted i was moving around between 3 different cities - now pretty firmly in london (and have been for most of my life)
  19. Ah so you’re near my shop

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