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2020 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. Alrighty everyone, time to start again since this never stops.

    When you have a 22 minute long highlight video for a single season, you're legit.

    This is who I am pounding the table for in 2020. Imagine him next to Marquise and Boykin. Jesus. All three would be able to play both outside and the slot and he adds to the track team thing.
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  2. Also, if we completely suck this season and get a top 10 pick:

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  3. 3 Alabama guys...who is surprised?

  4. Early on I have nothing else. Hey, last year I had Quinnen Williams here when nobody else even knew who he is, being a sub. Unfortunately, he played his ass out of our range.
    Actually, this year I have Shenault but Lost posted him already.
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  5. come on guys, where are the sooners
  6. Yeah just check their offensive roster and we’ll grab two a year lol
  7. maybe we could draft their new 2020 heisman trophy winning QB to be our 4th string and have 4 qb's on the field at one time
  8. I’m sad that we are revolutionizing a 3 QB offense but not doing a draft where we draft all tight ends
  9. Kinda wish we drafted another nose tackle.....oh wait. We got the best one in the class
  10. I watched shenault earlier this year and was really impressed.

    But I’m gonna go back to who I wanted this year before he took the COWARD ROUTE and undeclared... Tyler biadasz. Because our OL won’t be improved by much this year and we’ll still need a high end starting C and Bozeman might be a... decent center, at best.
  11. Say no more...
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  12. As I mentioned earlier last season: Julian Okwara is the man. Future top 10 talent.
    Kareem (sharing snaps with him isn't a bad day 2 option either).

    One other super interesting lad is Romeo Finley (LB/DB, MIA). Very impressive sideline to sideline speed. Will have to watch more.
  13. Bozeman could be above average. A 10 year center who never wows you or makes a pro bowl, but someone who you also don't go out of your way to replace either.

    I love Biadasz and if he would force Bozeman to move to LG or RG as a Yanda replacement, I'd be all for it
  14. I think biadasz is better than the top 3 in this class so I’d take him all day
  15. yeah especially if he falls all the way to our pick at #32 :lol:
  16. David Woodward, LB from Utah State, looks like he could be a good second round target. He just seems to have top tier instincts and the athletic ability to make use of them. Was first team all American from PFF. Had 12 tackles for losses (including 5 sacks), caused a bunch of turnovers, and is a great read and react type of guy. A look at one of his better looking fumbles:
  17. yep, I was going to post him as well. We may have drafted a couple guys this year and last year, but I doubt we are done remaking the WR room. Adding Laviska Shenault would round it out nicely and to have the versatility with three receivers being able to play both outside and inside along with Hurst and Andrews we shall be a force.
  18. Spoiler Alert: We are drafting Jalen Hurts next year so we finally have a QB to go with that Running Back..... or is it more so getting a QB for that WR we traded up for in 2018?


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