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2020 NFL Draft Prospects Time

Discussion in '2019 NFL Draft' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    is isaiah simmons coming out 2020? he looks like a goddamn playmaker, i really like what ive seen from him. 6'4" 230 lbs safety turned LB, makes plays in coverage like a safety but is constantly in the mix, making plays in the backfield, blowing up runs, edge rushing, all kinds of shit. this dude looks really special. maybe not quite derwin james because james could do all this but also play jumpballs better than most WRs, but absolutely reminiscent of bambam kam and MAYBE even more capable of playing LB because hes got real deal edge rush ability when called upon, with bend and montez sweat type length and all.
  2. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    Is Jerry Jeudy that much better than ceedee lamb? I’m not sure he is, like Jeudy is obviously the best in the class but I think lamb is really, really special, and say Jeudy goes top 5 and lamb goes 10-15, I’d say lamb is the better value.

    Also @allblackraven what round would you grade Ruggs and would you consider it a good idea to keep adding speed with a guy like ruggs say on day 2?
  3. allblackraven

    allblackraven Ravens Ring of Honor

    In my eyes Ruggs has WR1 written all over him but it's hard for me to do any projections this far out, considering the talent overall next year. WR group alone is shaping up to be something else. Anywhere on day 2 Ruggs would be a steal, I reckon, starting with pick #33. How we approach the draft would most likely depend on what we see from Lamar this season.

    Everybody is forgetting Devonta Smith, too. That boy can get open.
  4. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    Ok so I’m not the only one who’s on board with adding more speed in the form of Ruggs. I really like what I’ve seen from him so far, I haven’t seen any film and just highlights just because I haven’t found any, but so far... yeah he’s looking like an ideal burner, because he’s got great catching ability from what I’ve seen and is also mad physical for a guy who’s game is based on speed. I love watching him run at trackstar speeds and tacklers bouncing off of him.
  5. Theres like 5-7 recievers who can be taken in the first round next year.
    Jeudy, Lamb, Higgins, Ruggs, Shenault, Wallace, and maybe even Peoples-jones (but i dont like him)

    Either way i just want Yetur Gross-Matos from Penn st. Dude is a game wrecker and has an awesome ass name lol
  6. Alton Robinson and Kendall Coleman are a pass rushing duo we need to keep our eyes on.

    If you see a syracus game on this year. Take notice of these guys. Robinson is a freak btw
  7. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    One guy who I think is overhyped after watching 2 games is trey smith. He’s a MOUNTAIN of a man, like Zeus jr with about 4 more inches in shoulder width and arms as big as most linemen’s thighs, however he doesn’t play like it. He’s got lead feet and high pad level in run blocking and it really affects his drive blocking, goofy feet and high hips in pass pro giving him a poor anchor and causing him to trip over himself and stumble way more often than you’d wanna see from a nfl OT, and he gives rushers the arc way too often and is left playing catchup, I see a good number of snaps where it could’ve been a holding call because he gives up the first step and hooks the rushers neck all the way around the arc.

    Based on reports and pictures I was expecting way more from this guy. If anyone disagrees please point out what I’m missing
  8. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    I’m real big on gross-matos too, I have him above chase young and epenesa right now, he is gigantic first of all, all the length and power you look for, he’s got a solid first step and he converts it to a power rush very well with great leverage and driving legs, he’s got great bend, he uses those long powerful arms and raw momentum to counter across the tackles face very well. He’s a Joey bosa type of player in my eyes, where he’s physically as dominant as they come but is also much more athletic than you expect from a player of that size and skill set and uses all of those tools to win.

    And of the wrs, I can’t help but want ruggs, Jeudy is an elite prospect but I think ruggs has the highest ceiling, Jeudy is a route and YAC monster, but ruggs is no slouch in the route department and may actually be even with Jeudy as far as making the tough catches go, and ruggs with all that speed is also physical as hell and may be a better YAC weapon as well, seeing ruggs with a head of steam and making tacklers bounce off of him is impressive as [profanity deleted], because he’s playing at Torrey Smith speeds but is catching like a possession receiver and running like a RB. Jeudy is obviously the better day one guy but I have this sneaky feeling that ruggs develops into an absolute superstar, like I see will fuller meets juju type of potential with ruggs. Maybe I’m overrating him lol
  9. Davesta

    Davesta Veteran

    I thought rock ya-sin was a cool name.. but bro, Gross-Matos? Let’s goooo
  10. RavensMania

    RavensMania Staff Member Administrator

    what in the world are names coming too. Seriously
  11. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Lost_In_The_Sauce Staff Member Administrator Writer Banned

    well we drafted Turd Ferguson
  12. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    The signing of mark Ingram and assumption that justice hill will be good has left us ignoring the rb position...

    But there is a guy in this draft who shouldn’t be ignored unless your team is the giants or panthers(can’t think of any other team with a young, cornerstone franchise back with no major red flags).

    D’Andre Swift. He’s something special, he’s a short stocky musclehead and runs like one, he’s built for 25 carries a game, but he regularly turns defenders into memes in the open field, somehow he is always able to fully dedicate himself one way and then violently cut the opposite way making tacklers whiff terribly. It takes him 2 steps to get a really nice speed going, he’s decently fast but defenders struggle to close in on him even in tight spots because he’s always accelerating downhill, even when he’s jitterbugging around he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. QUICK on reads in the backfield, he sees his lane, but also sees other lanes, and he will adjust very quickly if needed and change to a lane that may have opened late, and he does it with a quick and violent jab and cutback, as he does with all his cuts.

    This guy has elite back written all over him, he could run any system, he’s got the one cut ability to smash a stretch scheme by challenging the edge hard consistently and always forcing overpursuit, and a violent sudden cutback to take advantage. He’s got the vision and acceleration for a man scheme or inside zone, he’s got the power and downhill burst and ability to make that one last defender downfield miss in a power concept.
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  13. cdp

    cdp Pro Bowler

    Jerry Jeudy release tape from 2017.

    Scouting Alabama will be fun. Ruggs and Smith are also great prospects. I can't wait
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  14. 29BmoreBird22

    29BmoreBird22 Staff Member Moderator Writer

    If the Ravens want Jerry Jeudy, they need to be drafting top 3, possibly even 1 overall. If he doesn't get injured or have a major run in with the law, he's probably the top ranked player in the draft at this moment.
  15. RavensMania

    RavensMania Staff Member Administrator

    He is going to be out of our reach this season
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  16. Willbacker

    Willbacker Pro Bowler

    Alabama has to be the consensus #1. Clemson lost too much on defense.
  17. 29BmoreBird22

    29BmoreBird22 Staff Member Moderator Writer

    I don't know that I'd be too quick to put down any team that's been to the finals in three of the last four seasons and won twice. Clemson knows how to scout them.
  18. 29BmoreBird22

    29BmoreBird22 Staff Member Moderator Writer

    Something would have to go horribly, horribly wrong.
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  19. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    They lose stud defenders and receivers basically every year.

    Trevor Lawrence might end up going down as the best college qb maybe ever. They still have superstar receivers and a really good Rb. Isaiah Simmons is an absolute unit and looks every bit as good as Derwin James.

    Until tua can shake the knee injuries and play to his potential and have a full consistent and healthy season then I think Clemson has to be the #1. Bama lost 2 elite backs, a really good TE, a top 5 OT, the best DT since aaron Donald, and they don’t have the same pass rush that they had a few years back.

    I’m sure Alabama ends up undefeated and should be #2 in the rankings, but I couldn’t put my money on them over Clemson if they meet in the ship
  20. Davesta

    Davesta Veteran

    Checking out 2020 “too-early” mock drafts. See a lot of tua to the bengals. Please god no. I would throw up.

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