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Preseason 1 Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. kick off 7:30 pm EST at M&T Bank Stadium

    first gameday thread of the season - let's get it
  2. It will be funny to watch just how vanilla this offense will be in the preseason. With RGIII out, we'll be getting large doses of McSorley.

    As always ... the only outcome I care about is ... no significant injuries.
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  3. I'm interested to see how much time Lamar gets time out on the field obviously with Joe the last few years he doesn't play the first game but with it being Lamars second year I wonder if we play him a series or two
  4. we're gonna get at least a half of football out of mcsorley methinks - with RGIII's injury and I imagine Lamar not playing much we're gonna have basically only 2 qbs play most of the preseason in mcsorley and callahan and we only need callahan mainly for practice reps
  5. Yup.
  6. I don't really believe there is a way our 11 game preseason win streak (tell me that isn't a record) continues with McSorley. At least he will be exciting but I feel we won't get much of a read on the super deep wrs with him in there tbh. Time to see what the rbs will do.
  7. I can't believe football is almost back.
  8. Considering the Jags have a pool at their stadium and they are our first preseason opponent. I present the Purple Pool!

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  9. Will be watching Ferguson closely
  10. Will be watching Ferguson drunkly
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  11. 9 hours away from being hype AS FUCK about getting to watch ravens football again, 10 hours away from coming back to the realization that preseason ball is almost unbearable.
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  12. By the fourth week I'm barely hanging on in the second half. But in general, I love watching the ravens in preseason.
  13. Also really looking forward to seeing Chris Board. And along those lines I'm curious about seeing Kenny at Mike.
  14. I noticed that the reddit streams are different now? Have to use something called Discord? Is this correct?

  15. Nah it's only those who plan on hosting streams that have to join the Discord. Us normal folk just stick with the replies under the thread and choose whatever link works.
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  16. Yeah it’s trash football but I do like seeing our bubble guys and the lesser known rookies that I studied in college. I always get hype about seeing those guys but by the fourth quarter of week 1 I’m ready for real ball already lol.
  17. I’m hoping we see essentially no running from Lamar. I want him fine tuning his passing game as much as possible and avoiding injury as well. If he’s not looking great as a pure passer I’m not gonna worry even a little, because I think he should be protecting himself from these live bullets and save the running for regular season

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