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Preseason 1 Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. He got great bull rush on the tackle on one play that I saw. On another play he sniffed out the QB draw and almost got a sack but eventually ended up gifting one to Ricard.
  2. Icy

    Icy Practice Squad

    lol likewise, and that sucks because ive been reading bad things about eluemunor. i guess we'll see who starts next game
  3. Based on an article grading the rookies on Russel St. report, I heard good things about Powers. Eluamanor not so good things.
  4. Jacquouille

    Jacquouille Ravens Ring of Honor Supporter

    I slowed down big time on posting here but I still watched the game 2 or 3 times. Here are a few observations:

    *McSorley ended up with a terrible stat sheet but it wasn't all bad if you include the called back TD and the DPI on Floyd. Needs to show more but he doesn't look out of place either.
    *I was eager to see Daylon Mack and I wasn't disappointed. He displayed his strength and getoff during the entire game, doing a lot of dirty work in the middle. Promising start.
    *Justice Hill will be fun to watch and I can't wait to see what the plan is for him.
    *Among the UDFAs, Otaro Alaka and Patrick Mekari are the ones to watch. Both had great games. Gerald Willis had a very meh performance.
    *Willie Henry and Onuwasor were the two most impressive defensive players in the first quarters.
    *Chris Wormley was worth a 3rd round pick.
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  5. Filmstudy

    Filmstudy Practice Squad

    Powers had 29 scored snaps (excludes penalties) and made 27 blocks with no partial or full pass block errors. He had 2 run blocks where he failed to make a block, one of which was on Ervin's stretch left for no gain. Outstanding night was typified by leaning on opponents to the whistle. He needs to move up in class soon (earlier entry to the game).

    My articles moved to a new website


    Here is a link to the offense grades that include full OL scoring for Powers, Eluemunor, and Senat:

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  6. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    Did you do any individual scoring for mekari at all?
  7. Filmstudy

    Filmstudy Practice Squad

    Not this week. The pace is too frenetic to produce full OL scoring in the preseason, since I'm trying to give some evaluation of every fringe player. He's moving up in practices, so he'll be someone I look at in the coming weeks.

    I did not note him for any pressures against Jax, which is a positive, but it's dangerous for me to evaluate his game as a whole based on just that.
  8. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    I look forward to next weeks offensive notes then

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