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Baltimore Ravens @ Washington Redskins

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. kick off 7:30 EST @ FedExField

    the last chance for so many of our players to make an impact and make their case to make the roster...

    The Michael Pierce game if you will... (anyone got any ideas on who might play their way onto the 53 man roster in this game?)

    @allblackraven over to you
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  3. or off the team for that matter. Floyd vs. Roberts
  4. Both are not suited up for today’s game. Sooo either they’re both safe or injured. Who knows..
  5. or they've seen enough either way
  6. Per Zrebiec:

    In warmups, the Ravens starting O-line was Greg Senat at LT, Ben Powers at LG, Patrick Mekari at C, Bradley Bozeman at RG and Orlando Brown Jr. at RT.

    apparently Hurst not suited up at all - wonder if that means he's LG to start the year
  7. Of course it does.
  8. Is Hollywood getting any snaps tonight? I've already seen enough, but just curious.
  9. I don't want to see recovering player against the guys whose future is riding on this game.
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  10. he was warming up apparently - i assume hell get some snaps early and then get taken out
  11. 4 for 4 when it comes to choosing a stream with the opposing team's commentators.
  12. eyes on ben powers tonight
  13. Really wish orlando brown wasn’t suited up
  14. Ugh. Hope it's only for one series at most.
  15. no, plot twist, hes starting at RT
  16. I bet Harbaugh has dreams in which Hurst is cloned and is starting at every position on the O-line
  17. bowser has had himself a preseason. good push by timmy there.

    and i hate seeing hollywood returning right now
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  18. Hollywood should not be returning punts wtfffff
  19. heads up by Mcsorley there
  20. powers has looked decent, the 3rd and 8 he gave up some push but overall hes looked good this whole preseason and hes looked pretty good so far tonight.

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