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Baltimore Ravens @ Washington Redskins

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Correct. Went 1-3 that year.
    And worse in regular season.
  2. LMAOOO just saw that.
  3. Should we be worried about Marquise Brown?
  4. As a punt returner? Yes.
  5. nothing to worry about
  6. Never heard more stupid explanation of why was player put in a certain position. (Harbs on Hollywood returning)
  7. I missed it, got a link?
  8. Why was he?
  9. what did he say
  10. It looked awkward and he dropped the ball twice because he never did it since probably school. <-- Harbs' words.
    Why the fuck are you putting 1st round pick (fresh of injury) in that situation at all?????
  11. no, watched it live
  12. I wasn’t able to watch the game tonight but from what I see McSorely played well again. Think we can still get him past waivers now? Is he worth a roster spot? Any news on RG3?
  13. no way he goes through waivers. He's earned a roster spot and he earned it before last night.
  14. Yeah that’s kinda dumb
  15. Looks like Gerry was right.
  16. yes he was

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