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Baltimore Ravens @ Washington Redskins

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Lol, Texas buddies. They didn't take their shirts off, though.
  2. Harbs in midseason form managing TOs.
  3. Mekari started at center, moved to RG and now at LT
  4. yep, I noticed that. He has some potential
  5. So no Hill or Boykin?
  6. nope
  7. Was hoping to see them a little bit in the beginning since they're rookies, but that's ok.
  8. Do I see an IR coming.
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  9. he's got such short arms for a potential tackle - but i suppose in an emergency if he can do it then it makes it more likely he can potentially beat senat out for that 8th OL spot
  10. So, Alaka heading to IR stash?
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  11. So we got Friar Tuck as our kickers. Nice!
  12. Wesley???? you can't drop that
  13. Wesley nooooo...
  14. Are we playing Dixon to trade him, because we certainly should know what we have in him when healthy.
  15. it barely touched his outstretched fingertips, he wasnt fast enough for it but its kinda on the qb to not overthrow
  16. come on, that was an easy first down.
  17. on replay it clearly hit him well in the hands - had to make that catch
  18. callahan is missing a lot of throws by inches. that wouldve been a really tough catch too.
  19. both of those catches should have been made. If this were Perriman we would be ripping him.
  20. He has at least four position versatility and a little more upside to me. I like him best at RG from what I've seen.

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