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Week 3 Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. fucksakes - of course its a screen
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  2. Run defense was abysmal today. Almost 6 ypc.
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  3. Who would have imagined a called screen?
  4. Andy Reid also outcoached the hell out of wink today. Ate us alive on screens
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  5. well tbf in the end the 2pt conversions didnt hurt us because KC didnt give us the ball back
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  6. Lol Autocorrect strikes again. Riverboat turned into river boar lol
  7. Deja Vu!

    We needed a 3rd conversion to FINISH the Cardinals last week and got it! The Chiefs needed a 3rd down conversion to FINISH the Ravens today and got it!

    GO RAVENS!!!
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  8. Looks like the Steelers went 0-4 against the Cowboys in 1994.
  9. How do you let a screen pass beat you
  10. disappointing and deflating way for the game to end - admire the fight but lots of missed opportunities here
  11. Lol
  12. Let’s Go 49ers and Rams. See these division rivals lose can ease this loss for me
  13. I don't care what happened here. I love Lamar Jackson even more than I did this morning! I hate John Harbaugh a little more than I did this morning!
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  14. Well that sucked. At least we only lost by 5 despite the fact that we played like crap, got screwed by the refs and Harbs having a meltdown.
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  15. Is Canady a nickname for Canada?
  16. Harbs is a genius, if we got those 3 2 point conversions we would have won.
  17. Watching what I predicted come to fruition makes me so upset. We should have fired this dude and hired Bieniemy. Next year would have been his second season with us and a true SB run instead next year will be our new HC building year. I fudging said this crap and still no one in the FO seems to remember this dumb a** cant coach.
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  18. Yeah, all things considered: it could have been a lot worse. The refs and Fouts can go play in traffic tho

    Also, Harbs needs to get checked for a concussion. Chasing the goddamn two point conversions all day...
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  19. Holding Lamar's progression back.
  20. Aren't you tired of saying at least we came close??? I mean its Harbs mo. Outcoached vs the norm and outclassed by the elite. How many games could we have won with a coach with common sense? Today was a win hands down an ugly win but a win.

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