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Week 4 Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. 1pm EST @ M&T Bank Stadium

    Big game for both teams, Ravens start their divisional games and need to stay on course after a disappointing loss to the Chiefs, Browns almost in must-win territory in the division already

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  2. We need this for multiple reasons obviously, but I just want to see the Browns melt down after a loss.
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  3. I want us to crush the Browns today. I hope it will happen.
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  5. will be in section 106 today. My friend had a double bypass a couple a few weeks ago and I've been taking his son to the games with his tickets. I pay for his food and parking and get the tickets for free. Awful way to get the tickets, but he's doing better every day now. 51 and a double bypass and valve replacement.
  6. If Greedy and Ward are out, really really really gotta get the wide receivers involved today.
  7. even if they play, their game is reliant on speed. I don't see them being able to cover Hollywood or Boykin.
  8. Boykin seemed to be playing pretty okay against KC just wasn't getting targets. He's got all of the tools and has demonstrated them in the off-season, but if he doesn't get going, it just might not be his year. I have no doubts this kid will shine in the future. I just hope that future is sometime this year. If he continues to disappoint, I really think we should look at Jaleel and see what he's got
  9. OJ's Birthday will have our boys FIRED UP!!!
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  10. Hope you all get a W today!
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  11. Go Ravens today! I can see your D punishing Baker Mayfield and that offense.
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  12. While the matchup aspect suggests this, this team needs to get its real identity, and get back on track pounding the rock with exotic block schemes and power run game, zone read, jets, and RPO. We’ve gotten too pass happy and we’re drifting away from what makes us great. If we’re attacking their backup corners, I wanna do it out of PA or RPO. The passing game is supplemental for us, we need to get back to making the run game our primary means of offense, everything functions off of it, against KC we went crazy with Lamar’s arm and put way too much on his shoulders and he regressed a little bit as a result
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  13. i mean we do need to get the wrs involved - the running game will do its thing but we're going to need some play from a receiver not named Andrews or Hollywood at some point this season - today is an ideal situation to start
  14. This is my point. I agree with both of you. We saw what Lamar can do against Miami and David maybe we can also be a high flying offense. I think we can be, albeit for only periods of time within a game not the entire game like KC. We need to assert ourselves rushing for sure, that should be our identity. All I'm saying is given they're going to weak at corner, maybe this is our shot to get a Boykin or Snead back into a groove. Can't rely on Hollywood and Andrew's for 100% of the receiving like we have been.
  15. Happy to hear your friend is doing well. That is young to need plumbing work, but it’s good he had the problems fixed.

    Be sure to buy crab cakes not hot dogs. lol
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  16. Hensley:

    Ravens DT Brandon Williams isn't showing the same burst getting out of his stance. Williams has been smiling, but there is a lot of discussion happening on the field. Trainer Ron Medlin and DL coach Joe Cullen having been talking to Williams after each drill.

  17. inactives are going to be interesting with alaka now gone and BWill potentiall out...

    only 6 inactives because we only have a 52 man roster right now...

    im guessing: Jimmy Smith, Brynden Trawick, Trace McSorley, Jaleel Scott, Ben Powers, Jaylon Ferguson

    if Brandon cant go then I figure we might see Jaleel Scott for the first time - just have a hunch that Jaylon isnt activated this game but it may well be that Daylon gets the call because of Brandon and Jaylon keeps his spot from last week but who knows
  18. doesnt look like brandon's going to be able to go - will know more in about 15 mins when inactives come out...

    my only question is therefore jaleel scott vs jaylon ferguson for the last active spot

    gonna be really difficult to contain nick chubb today
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  19. Tony Jefferson is in charge of relaying the playcalls today:


    One adjustment the Ravens are making defensively this wk is having safety Tony Jefferson wear the microphone in his helmet and relaying Don Martindale's play calls to the defense. He has the green dot on his helmet. ILB Patrick Onwuasor has been handling the communication duties

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