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Week 4 Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. I did (imagine that). Every fucking game so far.
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  2. And Zadarius imo.
  3. So now that my August prediction came true...(Get embarrassed at home week 4) I hope the second part of my prediction comes true as well.
  4. Definitely
  5. pretty sure you're missing the crucial first part of your august prediction... that we'd go 0-3 in close games and then get embarrassed week 4, sack harbs and then go 12-4...

    we did not go 0-4, harbs isnt getting fired, and we're not going 12-4
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  6. I think Harbaughs going to be here forever for some reason. It's incredible to think we've never won 4 games in a row under him
  7. Marlon might get a suspension for what appears to be a choke on OBJ
  8. Then OBJ should get suspended for throwing a punch no?
  9. Obviously there was some sarcasm there given the fact that we played MIA week 1. Week 2 we could have easily lost as well. And u right we definitely not going 12-4 under Harbs.
  10. Harbs is not a winner period. When have u ever seen him take the bull by the horns?? And in that I mean, say "Ok enough is enough I'm taking over play calls on Offense/Defense." Like so many real coaches have done. Idk why everyone has such a short memory when it comes to him. The only reason this team rallied last year wasnt because they were fighting for their coach, they were fighting for Lamar.
  11. For those of us that want a real coach I'm glad this happened and no one got hurt. His seat is heating up again thank goodness.
  12. BUT, we sure as hell got embarrassed @home in WEEK 4.
  13. Rams getting ROCKED by the Bucs lol
  14. https://www.nbcsports.com/washingto...n-rating-ravens-after-their-40-25-loss-browns

    Per article:

    Stock down: The Ravens. Yes, the entire team.

    After back-to-back wins to start the season, there was the talk of a big season from the Ravens and MVP talk for Jackson. Now, that talk has come to a screeching halt. The Ravens are no longer in first place in the AFC North — the Browns are.

    They've blown their hot start to the season and any potential stranglehold on the division. Now they're faced with a road AFC North game in Pittsburgh to get back above .500 on the season. Any momentum the Ravens accumulated in the first three weeks of the season has nearly completely vanished.

    ^^ I agree 100%

  15. only to piss you off, Sami84. I'm sure that's the reason.
  16. My takeaways from this game:
    There's two glaring weaknesses that carried over from 2018 to 2019... really poor speed and coverage from our linebackers and safeties in the middle of the field, and a lack of a consistent (and sometimes non-existent pass rush).

    And in my mind... neither is really fixable. You MIGHT get better pass rush by blitzing, but that's only likely to work when Jimmy gets back and you can play more man-to-man coverage on the outside. With him out, you're forced into more zone looks, and this team plays TERRIBLE in zone coverage. You won't get a quality pass rush out of this group because you don't have good pass rushers. Bowser and Tim Williams are basically fringe league talent at best at this point, Judon is a solid player but not a true #1 rusher, and you're leaning on Pernell McPhee having a career resurgence. Its a recipe for disaster.

    Biggest problem is linebackers in general... they're just awful in pass coverage. We weren't any good last season either, and that hasn't changed. And similar to the pass rush, the cavalry isn't coming on this one. There aren't any obvious upgrades to be found.

    Against Arizona, and to a lesser extent KC, you could get away with this, because we could play a ton more Dime packages and get more speed and DBs out there. Against KC, we just didn't have the speed. Against Cleveland, we did. Difference is... with no Brandon Williams and playing a lot of Dime packages, you play smaller. And Cleveland adjusted, took advantage of that, and crammed it down our throats in the second half.

    That's what good coaching does. And while we got outcoached today, I'll defend them in this regard... we don't really have a counter punch.

    Good news is... I don't think the sky is falling. Fans typically overreact to the last thing they saw, and forget what they saw before. We can improve. Its far, far, far from over.

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