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Week 6 Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. 1pm EST at the Bank

    Should win, hopefully this is a get right game but it is also a division rival who’ve traditionally causes problems no matter the state of their team

    Need to come out of here with a win

    Over to you @allblackraven
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  2. Does anyone know how I can watch on a fire stick? Having a housewarming party and I need the game playing on each level
  3. We may need to let hollywood recover this game if his ankle is bothering him
  4. so sounds like Andrews will be active

    Schefter saying Hollywood status still up in the air
    RapSheet saying Hollywood not expected to play...

    im in 2 minds - like i think we'll miss him but we need him to heal and this might be the best opportunity for that to happen before the bye
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  5. Both Hollywood and Peanut are going to be inactive per Hensley
  6. what happened to Peanut last week?
  7. Hensley on twitter:

    With Hollywood Brown inactive, other Ravens WRs - Willie Snead, Miles Boykin and Seth Roberts - have to step up.

    Through 5 games:
    Brown: 21 catches for 326 yards and 3 TDs
    Other Ravens WRs combined: 24 catches for 336 yards and 4 TDs
  8. think he was hobbled most of the week
  9. Ravens inactives: QB Trace McSorley, WR Marquise Brown (ankle), OL Ben Powers, DT Daylon Mack, ILB Patrick Onwuasor (ankle), CB Jimmy Smith (knee), CB Anthony Averett.

    jaleel scott active for the first time this year - also jihad ward straight onto the active roster as well
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  10. Perhaps the most surprising and crazy piece of information...

    Chuck Clark in his first start will be wearing the green dot - earlier this week earl thomas said he was one of the smartest guys on the team - with clark wearing the green dot it makes it a lot less likely that deshon elliott will play meaningful snaps at safety (may play some dime/nickel)
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  11. I did here Earl Thomas mention that he was one of the smartest guys, but would like to see Elliott get some meaningful snaps.
  12. Will be interesting to see what Jaleel Scott can do in his first game.
  13. he's not going to get many opportunities to earn a spot on the active roster on a consistent basis so he needs to have a huge game today on either special teams or as a receiver to put himself in position to win a spot after hollywood is back
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  14. what games have you seen in London?
  15. none live - was unfortunately working when the ravens played (in the end lucky i couldnt go anyway) and never really sorted my life out early enough in the year when london tickets go on sale (they sell so fast lol)
  16. that surprises me, not that they sell out really fast, because that's not surprising at all. I'm surprised you have never been to a game live. Yes, you lucked out not going to the Ravens Jags game a couple years ago. I think you may have gone to some of the festivities the night before though, didn't you.

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